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Click-worthy content: Why social is essential

Posted on: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Social media isn't going anywhere. Evidence shows that it's no longer supplemental, but rather a foundation of successful healthcare marketing strategy. These pieces range from data-driven to anecdotal, and they make a compelling case for putting real time—and training—into your hospital's social marketing plan. 

A snapshot of social stats

24 Outstanding Statistics & Figures on how Social Media Has Impacted the Health Care Industry (Referral MD)

This post is filled with statistics that highlight the influence of social media on the healthcare industry. There's a lot to digest among these 24 sources, but it's definitely worth tucking away to help up your social game in the healthcare arena.

Converting the 'old guard'

Is Social Media the Future of Healthcare? (Forbes)

The topic of social media and the future of healthcare inspires lots of discussion among those involved: Should we or shouldn't we? At what risk and to what benefit? This article relies on someone who knows the material first-hand: a physician who sees social media as an extension of the doctor-patient relationship, as well as something that can potentially improve outcomes.

No social media = no new patients?

Mobile Technology's Impact on Healthcare Marketing (MediaPost)

While it sounds like a reach, this piece about mobile technology's impact on healthcare marketing might convince you. It makes the case for healthcare having a strong mobile social presence, as creative approaches are necessary to gain new patients.