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Customer Service Week: This is our story, and we're sticking to it

Posted on: Monday, October 3, 2016

Molly Weatherill-Tate, Director of Client Experience

Editor's note: We originally ran this post in 2015. And like we said then, this is our story, and we're sticking to it. We're as committed as ever to customer service. Molly Weatherill-Tate explains what that means for our team.

Today is the first day of Customer Service Week. What better time to reflect on what makes for great service?

In celebration of this week, we have a story to tell. 

It's about something that inspires the Coffey team to excel at the service we provide to our clients—and to each other. Perhaps it will offer you inspiration for the work you do for your hospital or health plan. 

Putting a name to great customer service

So, here's our story. Throughout our 30-plus-year history in healthcare marketing, Coffey has been dedicated to customer service. But we also believe in stretching ourselves—getting better and better. 

That's why in 2013, we decided to dive deeper. We researched. We poured over client surveys. We discussed customer service in small and large groups. We truly talked about what it means for us to provide great service. 

In the end, we called it The Coffey Difference.

It defines what our customers—and co-workers—should be able to count on. Here's a quick look at the 5 key principles of The Coffey Difference:

Give consistently good service. Consistently is the key word here. That means giving the same high level of service and products over time and every day. It means sure and steady—not hit-and-miss.

Proactively provide information. Great service goes beyond responding to routine requests or to the occasional SOS. It means making a practice of taking initiative, keeping people well-informed and bringing them ideas they can use.

Share new opportunities. This is about seeing the bigger picture and all the possibilities. It's about knowing customers' needs and goals and offering solutions and expertise they may not even realize exist.  

Develop meaningful relationships. We may be a company, but we're people working with people. We know we can accomplish more together—and enjoy it more—when we can connect and relate to each other. 

Avoid unpleasant surprises. No one likes them—so this means thinking about others. It's about being forthcoming, honest and accurate so people know what to expect, even when things go wrong.  

Today, we're still talking about it. These guiding principles are posted throughout our halls and at our desks—and we're still working to get better and better. So the story continues. 

Experience The Coffey Difference

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