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Healthcare contentHealthcare marketing strategy2 min read Emerging from a pandemic: Crafting a post-pandemic communications strategy

Healthcare delivery has changed significantly since COVID-19. Here are five things to consider as you revamp your marketing strategy this year.

February 4, 2021

Over the past year, healthcare providers around the country have had to adapt quickly to the challenges of COVID-19, such as safeguarding the health of medical professionals while maintaining quality of care for patients. In tackling these tough issues, healthcare delivery has also changed for some communities. As we emerge from the pandemic, take this opportunity to revisit your post-pandemic communications efforts. This will ensure that your patients and community know how healthcare might have changed for them in light of COVID-19.

Here are five questions you might want to consider when revamping your communications strategy.

  1. What concerns do people have about safety?

Have your safety protocols changed since COVID-19? Are there requirements for patients or visitors to wear masks, check-in at a specific location or be screened for COVID-19, for example? If so, make sure these details are available to everyone in your community—think about patients and families, but also pastoral visits and caregivers.

  1. Have emergency room or urgent care services changed?

If you have been using the emergency room or urgent care centers to treat COVID-19, make sure patients know where else to go in an emergency, such as a car accident or heart attack. If you plan to start directing COVID-19 patients to another part of your hospital or clinic, consider how best to communicate that to patients and the community.

  1. How will healthcare delivery be different this year?

Healthcare has changed in the post-pandemic world. As well as letting your community know about remote care options, keep them informed about new facilities or services that are available on-site. These may include new mental health resources or clinics for specific patient groups. Information on these new options may be vital to some community members’ health.

  1. How have you boosted the availability of healthcare?

With increasing numbers of patients this past year, many healthcare providers have focused on growing surge capacity or creating crisis labor pools. Talk to both healthcare professionals and your patient communities about what this means for them. Medical workers may want to learn about the measures you’re taking to protect their health. Patients will want to know if you have added temporary facilities or extra staff to manage COVID-19.

  1. How has COVID-19 changed your marketing strategy?

Talk with your healthcare administrators and staff about how your hospital or clinic’s marketing strategies have changed since the start of the pandemic. Find out what’s worked and where improvements can be made. And as vaccines become more available, make sure your community knows how to access them at the right time.

Whether you are a current Coffey client or not, our team can help you take on the communications challenges of emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, from print and online content to customized vaccine scheduling that can be integrated into your website. Call 888.805.9101 or email us—we’re here to help.