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Website designHealthcare marketing strategyHealthcare content2 min read Four ways digital marketing makes you a more agile, consumer-centric provider

Learn four ways that digital marketing can make your brand more agile and consumer-centric.

March 8, 2021The Coffey Team

Today’s healthcare providers face an ever-shifting landscape. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of technology and telehealth services, and consumers’ health needs change almost daily. Most patients hunt for the information they need online, often on a mobile device. (An estimated 80% of all patients use smartphones regularly.)

Consumers’ ever-growing access to options and dependence on technology means hospitals need a robust digital marketing strategy to stand out—one that takes patient needs into account while being flexible enough to adapt to change and disruption. Digital marketing keeps healthcare providers relevant to consumers and competitive in the industry.

Here are four ways that digital marketing can make your brand more agile and consumer-centric:

  1. Distills tough-to-decipher services into a digestible form.

    Digital content is consumer-friendly. For one thing, it’s easily accessible. For another, content marketing relies on a narrative arc. Whether it’s presented in a blog post, video or infographic, people love a good story. Not only that, content marketing distills complex ideas into easy-to-grasp services. Whether your audience is made of physicians, hospital executives or patients, content marketing is an engaging way to communicate services and capture people’s attention.
  2. Grows your understanding of the consumer.

    Digital marketing harnesses insights and analytics to create a culture of consumer-centricity. You can solicit feedback and reviews easily through digital platforms, from social media to your website. Tracking online engagement will help you respond to your consumers’ changing needs, creating a segmented, specific and patient-centric communication style. With analytics, you don’t have to guess—you already understand what patients need, want and expect. Digital marketing also allows you to target different audiences through various platforms and create content directed at specific groups. Send an email newsletter to postpartum mothers, reach potential patients through Facebook ads, and connect to your long-time patients through value-rich blog posts or website surveys.

  3. Builds stronger relationships and boosts loyalty.

    According to this study, 43% of millennials are likely to switch physicians in the next few years. As a whole, millennials rank far lower in satisfaction when it comes to their doctor relationship than the boomer generation. With digital marketing, you can reach—and retain—a younger generation of consumers. Open, ongoing communication with your consumers leads to greater loyalty. When you provide patient-centric content and value-rich resources, your consumer will feel heard and valued. Even if they’re not currently taking advantage of your services, you can build an ongoing relationship with them through various digital channels. According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers cite shared values as the key factor in an ongoing relationship with a brand. Digital marketing provides a multi-faceted approach to communicating these shared values to consumers—and strengthening your ongoing relationship.

  4. Makes you memorable in a sea of choices.

    Particularly in the era of expanding telehealth services, patients and providers alike have more choices than ever. Compelling storytelling, brand consistency, user-friendly digital platforms and targeted communication helps set your services apart. Digital marketing increases your online visibility, whether through paid social media advertising or search-engine-optimized web content. It makes you memorable to potential consumers who might be looking for a new provider, as well as to patients who have used your services in the past. When a patient or healthcare provider needs a service, a good marketing strategy can ensure that you are top-of-mind (and top of Google results).

We can help you become more agile and consumer-centric. Call 888.805.9101 or email us to learn more about our hospital website content and design services.