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Happy New Year! Our work-smarter resolutions

Posted on: Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome 2017! We saw you coming, all bright and promising.

In honor of this celebrated fresh start, we surveyed Coffey staffers to see how they were going to resolve to work smarter in 2017.

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From tackling to-do lists to keeping a positive mindset, here are a few ideas from our team. We hope they inspire some work-smarter resolutions of your own. We wish you a year that's both productive and purposeful.

Think outside my inbox
I resolve to not let my inbox take over my day. I need to be available, but I also need stretches of time to work on projects—so I can focus and get more done for my clients.

Jordan Knapp, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Make my to-dos more noteworthy
I take a lot of notes in meetings and throughout my workday, and to-dos can get lost in the pages. For 2017, instead of a single notebook, I'm going to use a two-book approach to stay organized. One will be for all my notes—and the second will be solely for to-dos. I'm looking forward to having my action steps in one get-it-done list.

Molly Weatherill-Tate, Director of Client Experience

Be there for my teammates
I want to help my colleagues out whenever I can. Anyone who needs my assistance should be considered a client—and we can accomplish more together.

Tom Kenny, Mailing Services Coordinator

Take less notice of notifications
I resolve not to check email every time a new message notification pops up. Minimizing those interruptions to once every hour or two will enable me to focus better on my projects for the day.

Becky Thompson, Copy Editor/Translation Coordinator

Plot a course to the finish line
I resolve to make an outline for involved tasks or long-term plans, like creating budgets or overseeing a redesign. Breaking up the steps means I can set up calendar reminders for timely completion.

Doug Nichols, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Use my smartphone more smartly
My new smartphone helps me manage everyday tasks. OK Google—please add milk to the grocery list. In 2017, I'm going to work smarter, using its handy features for:

  1. Daily briefings. While I'm eating breakfast, the built-in assistant can recite the events and reminders on my calendar. I'll be prepped for the day before I sit down at my desk.
  2. Routine reminders. For example, I can tell my phone, "Remind me to spend 30 minutes brainstorming infographic ideas every Monday at 4 p.m."
  3. Timed tasks. Setting a timer helps me single-task and tune out distractions. It's also a great way to make sure I don't spend too much time on my favorite task (I'm looking at you, Coffey blog) at the expense of other items on my to-do list.

Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital Editor

Get ahead of the game
In 2017, my mantra is "Look ahead, work ahead." When I do this consistently, it gives me time to respond to urgent requests and unexpected things without falling behind.

Kristi Fair, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Give myself a booster shot of confidence
I am going to give myself a pep talk whenever I feel overwhelmed. I have a mantra I repeat: "I can do this. It will get done." It seems simple, but it really works!

Karen Craddock, Senior Editor

Work hard on my software skills
In 2017, my work-smarter goal is to learn all the efficiencies, tips and tricks in our project management software. That way, I can better serve my clients and support our team.

Cindy Ptacek, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Capture inspiration when it barks
I get my best ideas when I'm walking my dogs. The combination of fresh air, exercise and barking seems to trigger my creativity. So I'm committed to bringing a sturdy note pad and pen with me when I walk. That way, I can jot down my ideas on the fly.

Jean Dion, Content Writer/Editor

Eat my frog!
I resolve to tackle my toughest task of the day first. The idea is that once you "Eat that frog!" the rest of the day gets better from there. (Read more about this idea—and see what famed writer first coined the eating-frogs notion.)

Sherilee Coffey, Director of Creative Operations

Spend quality time with myself
I resolve to block out time weekly to move important projects forward. For example, I'll book a conference room for an hour or two so I can concentrate uninterrupted on editorial planning.

Marjorie Reece, Lead Senior Editor

End my day on a good note
In 2017, I am going to carve out 10 minutes at the end of each day to get a good sense of what needs to carry over to the next day. The next morning, I'll be ready to jump in and go.

Josh Moulton, Client Advocate/Project Manager

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