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Have a Great Workday! 7 strategies for fighting procrastination

Posted on: Monday, June 6, 2016

Karen Craddock, Senior Editor

At Coffey, we're all about getting things done, both well and on time. That means finding ways to fight potential pitfalls to productivity—like procrastination. 

So we didn't want to put off this post any longer: sharing our favorite procrastination-busting tips. If you ever need them, we hope they help you too. 

Timely tips for your healthcare marketing tasks 

Come on, read them now…

1. Make a list. Don't let your to-dos kick around in your head. When you're juggling multiple tasks, like most of us are, a daily written reminder of what needs to be done—and by when—can help spur us to get going sooner instead of later. Read more of our best to-do list tips.  

2. Divide and conquer. Break down complex tasks into multiple manageable steps, and give each step its own deadline. It can help you feel less overwhelmed and will make moving forward seem more doable. 

3. Simply start. You may have many reasons for not tackling a task. You may be waiting to feel like working on it, for example. Or you might find the project particularly challenging or unpleasant. To get past those feelings, just take a deep breath—and begin. Do something small first. Research shows that progress makes us feel good and fuels our motivation. And once we start, we may not find a task as difficult or stressful as we feared.

4. Put together a procrastination playlist. What type of music energizes you or gets your creative juices flowing? Build a list, and tune in whenever you need to tame a task.

5. Step away. It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes taking a break can actually make us procrastinate less. A short time away from your desk or work may clear the cobwebs and change your frame of mind.

6. Delay perfection. You want to do great work—that's a given. But don't let the pursuit of perfection stop you from even starting. Remind yourself that you can take time to polish and fine-tune your work later. 

7. Envision the finish line and prize. To make a challenging task more enticing, imagine how you'll feel when it's complete—and attach a reward to it. For instance, tell yourself you will spend a few minutes doing something pleasant once you finish. It could be heading outdoors for a little fresh air, sharing a fun story with a colleague or checking the latest stats on your favorite sports team. 

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