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Have a Great Workday! Our top tips for better internal customer service

Posted on: Monday, July 31, 2017

We all understand the importance of giving good customer service—whether that's to patients, members, clients or vendors. But there's another group that also needs good service: your co-workers. When you do your part to build and respect these relationships, it can help you achieve more together.

Our top internal customer service tips

At Coffey, a focus on exceptional customer service is part of our culture. We surveyed staffers to find out just what they do to make sure their internal customers are happy. Here's what they had to say.

Step away from email

"Using email is second nature to us, but it's not always the most effective way to communicate—especially with people who are in the same building. A phone call or, even better, a face-to-face chat can usually convey your message faster and with less misunderstanding than email. And if you really need a paper trail, you can follow up with a quick recap of your conversation."
Josh Moulton, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Consistently close the loop

"I try to make sure I don't leave people hanging when they ask a question or need something. Even if you aren't going to be able to work on something right away, letting someone know you're aware of the request and will get back with a response is helpful."
Kristi Fair, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Reach out when things get tricky

"I like to call my co-workers and talk with them about complex questions. Talking things through on the phone can help you come up with quicker solutions to difficult issues. And it helps you stay connected with colleagues in real time, even when you're not sitting in the same office."
—Jean Dion, Marketing Communications Manager (who works remotely)

Give timely feedback

"I look to recognize good work and offer constructive feedback in the moment as much as possible. That's when it feels the most meaningful and useful."
Doug Nichols, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Solve problems together

"Most of us live and work in a state of constant 'busy.' We often want to rush to the solution so we can move on. Some issues are worth a deeper look. Instead of approaching a co-worker with my solution, I try to go in with collaboration in mind—to take a few minutes to discuss the problem and brainstorm a solution together. Two minds are often better than one."
Heather Wimer, Graphic Designer

Be as good as gold

"I try to always follow the golden rule! Treat your co-workers the way you want them to treat you. That means being invested in their success and pitching in when you can help."
Jordan Knapp, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Respect each other's time

"I aim to always show up on time for internal meetings. Everybody is busy, and it can be easy to slip. But I want to give my colleagues the same respect that I give clients by making sure I'm ready to discuss the topic at hand right on time."
—Molly Weatherill-Tate, Director of Client Experience

Be flexible along the way

"I like to remember that there are different paths to success. Some days I may lead the way, but I can also empower my teammates by letting them share their expertise to help us get there."
—Cindy Ptacek, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Express gratitude, even for small things

"We all need appreciation. I remind myself to let others know I am thankful for their help and the unique value they bring to the table."
Marjorie Reece, Lead Senior Editor

Get to know your team

"I make a point to walk over and have conversations with everyone from time to time as opposed to only relying on email. It keeps relationships strong and builds trust and respect within your team."
Steve Hudson, Client Advocate/Project Manager

Say what needs saying

"If something needs to change, I make an effort to be direct and honest—not to mince words. With my colleagues, I aim to be both clear and kind. If someone needs words of encouragement, I try to pick up on that too."
Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital Editor

Invite in other ideas

"It is tempting to work away at a problem thinking it's up to you to solve it. But I often find that asking for quick feedback from the perspective of someone outside my project is so helpful. It acknowledges others' expertise and leads to even better work."
Julie Christian, Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer

How can we serve you?

At Coffey, we believe that internal customer service leads to a collaborative and creative work environment—and that helps us create the truly exceptional print and digital tools our healthcare clients rely upon. We'd love to show you how these tools work—and to demonstrate our commitment to great customer service. Call 888.805.9101 or email us.

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