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Have a Great Workday! Quick tips for having more effective meetings

Posted on: Monday, September 28, 2015

Meetings. For healthcare marketers, they can be an important part of getting great work done.

We bring content ideas to the table. We listen and learn. We collaborate. We solve problems. We plot clear paths to see projects through.

But then again, not every meeting is a triumph in productivity. (There, we said it.)

Healthcare marketers: Hold a better meeting

In this "Have a Great Workday!" post, it's on our agenda to share have-a-better-meeting tips from Al Pittampalli's book Read This Before Our Next Meeting.

Here are a few highlights—especially for those of you who organize meetings. The book is a pretty quick read—80 pages—if you're looking for even more insights on holding effective meetings.

Set an agenda. What's the objective? How long will you meet, and what will you cover? Whenever possible, send out the agenda—and any related materials—before the meeting. Ask for feedback and suggestions. You may discover new information, including that you don’t even need to meet.

Get the right people in the room—but just the right people. Who's needed to move the agenda forward? Be considerate of your colleagues' time.

"Over time, we've become nonchalant about bad meetings. If an operating room were as sloppily run as our meetings, patients would die." —Read This Before Our Next Meeting

Come prepared. If you're an attendee, don't wait until the meeting to read the agenda and any provided materials. When people are ready to contribute from the start, meetings are more effective.

Start on time and end on time. This may not always be in your control. But Pittampalli urges it as a best practice for getting work done and goals met.

Commit to an action plan. Before you wrap up, answer these questions:

  • What actions are we committing to? 
  • Who is responsible for each action?
  • When will those actions be completed? 

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