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Healthcare content2 min read How curiosity can fuel your healthcare content creation

Curiosity puts you in the path of compelling stories. And that's just scratching the surface.

November 12, 2020Melissa Welling, Editor

You might not think to put it on a résumé, but as a content marketer, curiosity might be one of your most valuable job skills.

Asking questions is the secret to generating ideas that serve the goals of your organization, its key stakeholders and your community.

Here are 6 ways to put your curiosity to work for compelling and valuable content.

1. Call on key stakeholders. What goals are they working on? How could content help them with their current initiatives? What's on the horizon for their department or industry? Don't rely on these conversations to happen organically. Plan a rotating schedule of regular check-ins to keep the communication flowing.

2. Visit the trenches. Managers and the C-suite aren't the only ones with valuable information to share. Ask front-line staff and customers what's going on at the ground level. What questions do staff get asked all the time? What resources do patients wish they had at their disposal, and what are their pain points? Whether it's boosting birth class enrollment or providing low-literacy discharge instructions, content can play a key role here.

3. Find the stories. Giving new services, technologies or initiatives a human touch is one of the best ways to make them memorable and persuasive to the public. Always ask yourself, "Who benefits?" and then seek out that person's story.

4. Get the facts. Identify colleagues you can rely on to help you nail down specifics. Who are the people with a knack for explaining medical concepts and corporate initiatives in a way that's clear, simple and compelling? Once you find those people, you may be able to turn to them regularly for ideas and input.

5. Spread the word. As you think about the insights you've gained from the steps above, ask yourself who else can benefit from that knowledge? Most important, share what you learn with your content creators—whether that's an in-house marketing team or an outside vendor. Their curiosity may, in turn, open new content avenues to explore.

6. Be a content ambassador. As you add to your content warehouse, think about who else could make good use of what you've created. And be on the lookout for the untapped pools of content that are already out there. Are there new uses you could make from old materials? And how can you cross-promote the same content in multiple places? To get the most value from your work, swap a one-and-done mindset for a one-and-another-and-another point of view.

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