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Healthcare contentHealthcare marketing strategy2 min read How storytelling can increase patient conversions

Sharing stories is more than entertainment. It can build connections and business.

March 16, 2021The Coffey Team

The last year has taught us so much about relationships. It turns out that even when we’re forced to keep our distance, those human connections are vitally important. The good news is that we can create and strengthen ties via technology. All it takes is the willingness to be real.

The same is true for communication in healthcare. We can tout facilities and success rates, and this data is certainly important. But some of the most compelling content is about people. Whether it’s a vulnerable look at a provider or an account from a patient, personal stories can reach your audience in unique ways and help you connect with new patients.

Why are personal stories about healthcare powerful?

Healthcare can be intimidating. The people visiting your website may be facing a new diagnosis or worrying about a loved one. It can be a lonely time. But there’s great comfort in hearing from people who have been there, done that.

Your website is a way for people to visit the facility 24 hours a day. Personal narratives are a way to make sure visitors are greeted into that space by friendly faces. These stories can share knowledge, demonstrate expertise and show visitors that they aren’t alone.

What makes a story compelling?

Whether it’s around a campfire or on a hospital website, effective storytelling paints a picture. It shows the audience what happened and infuses the tale with honest emotion.

Storytelling in a healthcare setting can focus on the experience of the individual. But the best stories also illuminate the big picture. They highlight the experts and caring staff who helped a patient and their family. These tales are inspiring and connect with prospective clients in a way statistics can’t.

When you show instead of tell, you open the door to deeper relationships. You provide hope and help empower people when they need it most. What might seem like just another kind of web content can truly impact a family in crisis—and build an affinity for your organization.

How can you use storytelling to increase patient conversions?

Each story is unique. They are a part of what makes your organization special—and part of what will draw in the people who need your care.

Stories are everywhere—you just have to find them. Ask staff to connect you with families who may be open to sharing their experiences. Include a “Tell us your story” link on your website to start conversations with people who’ve benefited from your facility’s care. And talk to providers about why they’re passionate about what they do. The answers may surprise and delight you.

Coffey makes sharing these narratives easy. Our editorial team specializes in helping clients communicate sensitive stories. It’s our privilege to connect with providers, patients or family members as they share their experiences. We treat each story with care and respect.

We’d love to help you tell your stories. Contact us for more information about our healthcare content services.