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Healthcare content2 min read How to use breaking news to inspire your healthcare content

Connecting your healthcare content to recent breaking news can help you boost your hospital's reputation as a health leader.

March 1, 2021The Coffey Team

As a sensible healthcare marketer, much of the buzz you won't want to touch—from goofy pop culture to hot-button politics. But when it comes to news that affects people's health and well-being, you can speak up.

By joining the conversation, you can provide valuable content—and help boost your health system's reputation as a health leader.

7 ways to use the news in your healthcare content

1. Tune in. Well, first things first: Determine what's worthy of your time and attention. To make sure you don't miss something big, sign up for Google alerts or follow Twitter feeds for major health organizations like the American Heart Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Stay on top of local news too. For example, maybe there's a whooping cough outbreak in your area. That's an opportunity for a physician with your hospital to emphasize the importance of immunizations.

2. Be a trusted resource. If health news is confusing or concerning, be the voice of reason. Your experts can supply accurate, credible information about what that news really means. You can also showcase your relevant services—from health screenings to nutrition classes and counseling.

3. React rapidly. News gets stale quickly. Your swiftest way to respond: social media. You can use your various channels to share tightly focused messages and to link to helpful resources on your website.

4. Share good stuff from others. You don't have to create content from scratch to provide value. Sharing information from trusted sources, such as government agencies, will still help position you as a go-to resource for health content in your community.

5. Anticipate breaking news. You may not have a crystal ball, but foreseeing seasonal or regional happenings can be a great way to include news in your print publication as well as on your website.

Plan ahead for what's likely coming—like that first summer heat wave. Working with your emergency department, you can have content at the ready to help the people in your community stay cool and safe when temperatures soar.

Pro tip: Be timely. Look for tie-ins to national health observances and holidays—such as July 4, Wear Red Day and Mother's Day.

6. Communicate during a crisis. When a traumatic event occurs, people need information and support. As a healthcare leader, your hospital or health plan can be a valuable voice, providing up-to-date information and trustworthy advice.

7. Let Coffey bring you the news. For our digital clients, we create daily breaking news stories that are compelling and credible. You can localize these stories with quotes from your providers or links to events. You can also have the stories automatically posted to your social channels or delivered in a weekly e-newsletter.

Learn more about Coffey's healthcare content services

To reach your marketing goals, you need to reach readers with quality content. That's where you can count on Coffey. We have experts who know how to reach and engage healthcare consumers. We can streamline your outreach strategy and develop content that will help you meet your goals. Contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our business development consultants.