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SEOWebsite design2 min read How to write great title tags for your healthcare website

Make sure your title tag focuses on the top search term you’re targeting.

November 1, 2021The Coffey Team

As a healthcare marketer, you work hard to make your organization stand out from the competition. You make sure your campaigns are unique and you market your services by focusing on differentiators.

Title tags work the same way for your website. They show readers and search engines that your pages have unique, valuable content—and give you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

What is a title tag?

Your page's title tag is the most prominent field a searcher sees on Google's search engine results page (SERP) and serves as a first impression that can encourage—or discourage—people from visiting your page.

Your title tags show up in several locations:

  • In the link that appears in the SERP. The text that shows up below your title tag is your meta description and it offers more information about the page. Together with the title tag, it can influence whether someone clicks on your search result.
  • At the top of a web browser on your page’s tab. This is useful if someone has multiple tabs open. The title tag appears on your tab and helps them find their way back to your website.
  • On social networks when your page is shared.

Writing title tags for healthcare SEO

Title tags are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). The text in a page's title tag has a direct impact on how well it ranks for a given search query. Equally important—this text will also influence whether someone clicks on your site when it shows up in a search engine results page. Our SEO experts suggest these tips when writing title tags:

  • Create a unique title tag for each page on your website.
  • Keep title tags around 50 to 60 characters long. After that, they may be cut off in search results.
  • Lead with your most important keyword phrase. End with your organization’s name. Remember, you don’t have to use the title that appears on the page itself as the title tag.
  • Write for your healthcare consumer. Keep the content clear and show its value.
  • If your content management system automatically creates title tags for pages, make sure to verify and optimize tags for high-value pages.

Our approach

Coffey's SEO team can help you do everything from keyword research to writing content, title tags and meta descriptions. Once your content is live on your site, we provide ongoing measurement to ensure that your website is hitting its SEO goals. To find out more, call 888.805.9101 or email us.