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Integration for the win! 3 ways to use print to promote your website

Posted on: Monday, April 18, 2016

Becky Kettner, Marketing Communications Manager

An integrated strategy for your print and digital marketing often starts with this basic truth: Your digital audience seeks you out. Print finds them where they are.

Magazines or newsletters arrive in mailboxes. People hold them in their hands. And when these tangible publications provide interesting and valuable content, people spend time with them. That's a major reason print remains alive and well in a digital world. 

But to be effective, your marketing strategy also needs to act on this assumption: Your digital audience is motivated to find you. With print, motivation is your job. 

With coordinated content and strong calls to action, your publication can become a springboard to turn casual print readers into motivated online fans—and ultimately, loyal healthcare consumers.

Making print content pay digital dividends

Here are 3 ways to connect readers of your hospital's magazine with your website:

1. Offer something unique. To help motivate print readers to take the next step on your website, plan a print-digital package that consumers won't find elsewhere. 

For instance, maybe you have a magazine feature on your diabetes educators. Entice readers online with a diabetes-friendly recipe created by one of your hospital's dietitians. A fabulous frittata might be just the tasty offering to get someone online, where they can also find a physician or sign up for a class on managing life with diabetes.

2. Entertain while you inform. Compelling content isn't all business. It can be fun too. Games, polls and contests can bring energy and online life to your high-priority print messages.

One idea: Send readers on a bit of a hunt. Hide a small image within the pages of your publication. Then offer the chance to win a prize for those who find it and post a picture on one of your social media channels. For one of our clients, San Joaquin Community Hospital, this is a popular feature in their magazine—and a smart way to get eyes on their most important articles. 

3. Create a content hub. A microsite can be a focused hub where you turn print pieces into dynamic online content. It's an easy-to-find online home for the calls to action from your publication. And it gives you a chance to expand on print content in interesting and unique ways.

Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican's magazine, Reach, fills its microsite with content that's worthy of the journey from page to screen. Each issue of the magazine has strong calls to action urging readers to go online to sign up for a class, read tie-in articles, see more photos, take an interactive quiz or send a message to a patient profiled in the issue.

This spread from the magazine features one patient's journey back to health. The Reach microsite offers even more story details and pictures that weren't included in the magazine, plus an opportunity to interact with the patient.

Take your healthcare content to the next level

Contact us to learn how we can help you create and implement a successful integration strategy.

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