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It's leap day! Here's how to let it inspire a bold leap forward in your healthcare marketing

Posted on: Monday, February 29, 2016

Marjorie Reece, Lead Senior Editor

We're here to seize the leap day! 

We see Feb. 29 only once every 4 years, so we'd like to mark the occasion by urging you to think outside the ordinary—to take a big leap forward on one of your healthcare marketing wish list items. 

Get ready to make a leap in healthcare marketing

Most healthcare marketers have projects or ideas they'd love to move along if they had the time to plot and plan.

Here's a 1-week strategy to put aside wishes and what-ifs and truly make significant progress—whether you're envisioning a needed website upgrade, re-energized social media approach or plan to outsource your healthcare publication. This process can work, and be adjusted as needed, for any number of end goals.

WEEK PRIOR: Set the course

  • Clear your calendar for 2 to 4 hours daily.
  • Commit to a deliverable. For example, let the C-suite know they can expect a report from you on the following Friday with details and recommendations.  

MONDAY: Gather & grill

  • Collect any existing resources and data—and reach out to colleagues who might provide useful information. (Let them know you may be back in touch later in the week for their feedback.)
  • Make a list of everything you know related to the project.
  • Jot down all the questions and unknowns that come to mind.   

TUESDAY: Seek & solve

  • Get as many answers to the questions you've identified as possible. 
  • Write down every possible solution.

WEDNESDAY: Decide & draft

  • Choose the key information and best ideas you want to share.  
  • Write a first draft of your proposal or plan. Don't get too hung up on formatting and fine-tuning—that can come later.

THURSDAY: Proof & polish

  • Get quick feedback, if possible. Circle back with 1 or 2 colleagues who provided info. Ask for their honest input about what's working and what's not. 
  • Format your document, fine-tune your points and smooth out any rough spots.   

Pro tip: Think 1 sheet. Aim to keep project proposals to a single page. This tight perimeter can help you focus and express your most important ideas succinctly.

FRIDAY: Deliver!

  • Give your work one last careful read. 
  • Present the finished product—and pat yourself on the back for a leap well done!

We're ready to leap into action

Do you have healthcare marketing ideas that you're ready to bring to life? We're here to help. We have the expertise and resources to get it done. Contact us for more information about all our healthcare content services. 

Where thanks are due

Our 5-day healthcare marketing leap was inspired in part by the work of designer Jake Knapp. He created Google Venture's sprint process for quickly developing new ideas and products. Would you believe, Gmail resulted from a 5-day sprint? We're excited to read Knapp's soon-to-be-released book, Sprint, outlining this method for the masses. Thanks, Jake! 

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