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Healthcare marketing strategySEO3 min read MozCon 2019: Top takeaways for healthcare marketers

MozCon 2019 was packed with valuable information and insights. See some of what our team learned and how it might help healthcare marketers.

July 22, 2019Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital EditorJennifer Garza, Digital Content Analyst, GAIC

2019 was the Coffey team's sixth year attending MozCon. One of the underlying themes at the conference every year is that search and digital marketing are changing. That was true this year as well.

Here are four changes discussed at MozCon 2019 that we think healthcare marketers should know about.

1. Trust matters more than ever.

In his opening keynote address, Rand Fishkin talked a lot about the changing search industry. One thing that stood out to us was that Google is trying to stop misinformation by giving increasing weight to factors like authority and trustworthiness for searches related to topics where giving the wrong answer could be harmful.

Image source: Rand Fishkin

Healthcare marketing takeaway: Investing in high-quality content will help ensure your healthcare organization is seen by Google and your community as a trustworthy source of healthcare information.

2. Local is getting even more local.

Local search was one of the most frequently covered topics at this year's conference. One common thread between many of the local search presentations was that local search results can vary even within individual ZIP codes. Results may depend on things like the searcher's location and whether they're searching using the city name or words like "near me" or "best."

Image source: Rob Bucci

Healthcare marketing takeaway: Do keyword research and find out the terms that people are using to find your individual services. For cancer research, people might be looking for the "best" services and examining a broader geographical region. For primary or urgent care, convenience and proximity may matter more.

3. Faking it is harder than making it.

For years, there was a bit of a tug-of-war between creating content that was great for search and content that was great for users. Those days are gone. Russ Jones argued in his presentation that you can get more long-term value from creating content that is the best in your market than from hacks or shortcuts.

Healthcare marketing takeaway: It may be tempting to just move over old content during a website redesign or lightly edit it to "optimize" it for search. However, that approach doesn't help your customers or your website in the long run. If you want a website that ranks well, is valuable to your audience and meets your marketing goals, you need to invest in both great content and great design.

4. Best practices need verification.

Testing for yourself rather than trusting best practices was perhaps the most common theme among speakers at this year's MozCon. While testing has always been important, it's more important than ever today because of how complex search has become.

Rob Ousbey presented data illustrating that even best practice changes don't necessarily have the same impact on two different sites. That's why it's essential to test for yourself and find out what works for your website and market.

Healthcare marketing takeaway: What should your healthcare organization test? It depends on your goals. Choosing a website vendor that has a culture of testing and the tools to help you get trustworthy data can help ensure that you get actionable insights from the tests you do.

You Must Be TestingImage source: Britney Muller

One thing that hasn't changed: Tools can make your job easier

Learning about new tools is one of our favorite parts of MozCon each year. One of the most tool-packed presentations at this year's conference was by Casie Gillette. Here are five tools she recommended that we think healthcare marketers might find useful:

  • PIXLR Editor. Don’t have an image editing tool? Try this for quickly cropping and editing images before you post them to your website or social media.
  • RemoveBG. Having trouble getting consistent, high-quality photos of your providers? Use this tool to quickly remove distracting background elements.
  • Lumin5. We know that video works great on social media. That's why Coffey's health library has a wealth of short and engaging videos designed for sharing on social media. You can use this tool to automatically create videos from text (like blog posts).
  • Snappa. Use this tool to create engaging online graphics that you can use on your website or on social media.
  • This tool lets you record screencasts from your computer. One of the many ways it might be useful is for showing consumers how to walk through a task like signing up for your patient portal.