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Print and direct mail2 min read Print design and messaging in 2022

Your hospital's care and technology can be described as state-of-the-art. Can you say the same about your print publication?

April 21, 2022The Coffey Team

Your hospital's care and technology can be described as state-of-the-art. Can you say the same about your print publication?

Just like in the fashion world, trends in print publication design and messaging are never static. At Coffey, we monitor these changes so that we can partner with you to create contemporary publications that reach your audience in the most effective ways.

What's new in 2022?

In many ways, print publications may look a lot like they did in 2021, since many trends from last year will continue and perhaps evolve as time goes on. Here are three of the design and messaging trends we anticipate:

Authenticity and inclusion

The focus here is on content and photographs that focus on true and inclusive representations of people, such as showing a range of body shapes and featuring marginalized communities.

Try to show genuine faces in your publication that reflect actual people and events. People can often read right through stock photos of perfectly styled people or staged events. If you do use stock photos, try to find images that portray real connections and emotions.

A continued focus on community, hope and resilience

Communities still need the kind of optimism and cohesion that emerged from the second year of the pandemic. You might want to include in your publication:

  • Words of thanks from the community. Do you have some quotes you've collected from community members offering their thanks to your healthcare workers? Rather than just burying those quotes within a story, pull them out and make them the forefront of a page.
  • Photos that express community in a highly impactful way. That might be photos showcasing community events with multiple images and a short amount of text. Or you could show a collection of thank-you cards that your healthcare workers received.
  • Content that personalizes healthcare providers by showing them as complete people (not just medical experts) and connecting them with what they love about the community. From a visual standpoint, think photos of providers engaged in a favorite pastime or with their family. That helps personalize providers in a way that headshots don't always do.

Infographics for engagement and clarity

Infographics will continue to be a highly effective and modern design and communication tool. Because our eyes are drawn to the variety of colors and shapes, infographics grab our attention. And they communicate bits of information in a quick way. That's important in a world of tightening attention spans.

With infographics, you can home in on only the most important messages. And we may remember information better when it's presented in a visual format.

Is your print publication keeping up with the latest trends?

Coffey's print team specializes in creating modern publications that can help you connect with your community. Our experts can audit your existing publication to identify opportunities for improvement or work with you to develop an engaging new piece from scratch. Contact us to learn more.