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Print design trends that influence healthcare marketing: What we're seeing

Posted on: Monday, June 18, 2018

Julie Christian, Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer
Judy Anderson, Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer

What will the next hot hospital print design trend be? While we can't predict the future, we do track predictions, and we can tell you what's happening now in hospital print publications. We can also share some thoughts about what is likely to stick when 2018 has passed.

Print design trends we're following

This is a sampling of the techniques we're excited about right now.

1. Consumer experience.

Consumers are looking for a genuine, authentic experience. Meeting that need may mean choosing the most honest, unposed photo in the batch or using white space to create a relaxed, uncluttered feel.

The same goes for messaging. Simplicity and clarity are today's buzzwords. Consumers want to know who you are and why they should trust their business (read: health) to you. Let your personality shine through your branding and messaging, with clarity and minimal content.

2. Curvy typefaces.

Typography includes more than Helvetica. Although that venerable font is still a star, it's often being replaced with its exact opposite—creative typography that looks handwritten in bold, cursive style. Take a look at Instagram's home page to see this trend in action.

3. Creative colors.

We're also seeing a lot of colors from the 1980s. Think about the distinctive palettes used for the series Stranger Things, or direct mail catalogs from companies like ModCloth or Anthropologie.

Bright colors are not out, but when they're used, they tend to be very bright. That could be spurred by our use of digital technology. We're so used to the very saturated colors coming out of our screens that we crave colors that are superbright—even in print.

4. Striking photography.

Speaking of Instagram, this social media site is influencing photography too. The filters Instagram users can pop on their photos—sometimes called color transitions—are increasing the use of gradients in print.

Consumers are looking for authenticity in photos. Use realistic, identifiable people and scenes to inspire connection. And diversity is key when choosing photographs. You want your consumers to see themselves in your photographs.

5. Illustration style.

Hand-drawn illustrations—and even photographs with illustrations digitally drawn over them—reflect a move away from the technical and toward the personal. By drawing on top of a photo, you can take what was a somewhat boring photograph and make it remarkably memorable.

6. Creativity in logos.

After years of being very simple and clean, more expressive logos are making a welcome comeback. We've seen a return to vintage lettering and illustrations on labels that reminds us of branding used during Victorian times.

Stay ahead of the trends

Your hospital print publication should be a reflection of your brand, your community and your values. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't hold visual interest. Working with an experienced design team can be a smart move. You'll get both the creativity and expertise you need to help your print publication stand out in the mailbox. Send an email to, and let's talk about a partnership.

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