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Show and tell: How Instagram can help you find key employees

Posted on: Monday, October 16, 2017

Stephanie Groom, Director of Human Resources

You've worked hard to get your social media strategies in place for Facebook and Twitter. You are confident that as a healthcare marketer, you have a pretty good understanding of what posts get the best return, who you want to target, and how to manage the comments and direct messages that come your way.

And then your boss says: "I hear a lot of people are on Instagram. Should we join in?"

The short answer is: yes. The longer answer is, it really depends on the mix of your social media strategies, and how you see each channel fitting into the overall plan.

Making a smart social decision

There are many reasons why a corporate entity—whether a hospital or business—can benefit from using Instagram. You could use this channel to:

  • Promote events.
  • Highlight the skills of your staff.
  • Showcase expertise.
  • Connect with your community.

Or you could use this channel to help you reach out to people who should join your team. In fact, that's what we're doing at Coffey. Our Instagram channel helps us talk about what a great company we are to work for. And our posts help to show prospective employees a slice of our daily life.

5 key topics to cover in your posts

If you choose to use Instagram for recruiting, what should you pay attention to? What draws followers and creates an image that prospective employees will relate to?

Put yourself in your prospective employees' shoes. They want to know:

  • Who they'll work with. Your pictures should reflect actual events and people who work at your company, going about their work. The less formal and posed your pictures are, the better.
  • What the working environment is like. If meetings are a part of your culture, don't hide it. But if you have a beautiful room with a view where meetings take place, show that off! If you value collaboration, show your colleagues working closely on a project. Or if you're focused on exceptional research, let your lab shine through in your shots.
  • What defines your culture. This will come through in the tone of the posts, so write with that in mind. What makes your organization stand out from others? Is it the friendliness of staff? Or is it in the service that's delivered?
  • How your organization gives back to your community. Share pictures of the different organizations you support in your community. If your employees volunteer locally, those images can have great power.
  • What your community is like. Does your community have really great landmarks? Is your facility situated in a city or in a rural community? What's the weather like? These are questions you could capture with images.

How do you get started?

Encourage employee photo contributions. Not everything requires a professional photographer, and you'll be sure to get engagement if you give photo credit.

Look for employee accounts, and follow them. Encourage those employees to return the favor by following you back. And make it clear that you appreciate each and every share—whether it comes from employees, donors, fans or community organizations.

Scour your calendar and look for events that come with natural photo opportunities. If your contributors fall through, you'll still have something to share. We like to plan out our posts about a week in advance so we know we'll always have something ready. That strategy could work for you too.

It's time to start posting

Instagram can be an important part of your overall social strategy, pulling in the critical aspects of storytelling and creativity that the platform highlights. The most important thing is to get started. Make a plan, post consistently and measure results. Then the next time you are asked, "How's our Instagram account performing?" you'll have a ready and positive answer!

Let us help you get started. Just contact us to find out how we can help you develop and deliver content your community will love. 

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