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Healthcare marketing strategy3 min read SHSMD Connections 2019: 3 takeaways

Here are some of the things we heard most often at this year's conference sessions and in our conversations in the exhibit hall.

September 16, 2019Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital EditorEric Dutton, Business Development ConsultantJordan Knapp, Client Advocate/Project ManagerChris Widell, Business Development Consultant

Last week, Coffey's team attended SHSMD Connections 2019 in Nashville. Every year this conference brings together healthcare strategists from around the country for four days of learning and conversations about a wide range of topics, including marketing, planning, business development and public relations.

Here are three of the things we heard most often at this year's conference sessions and in our conversations in the exhibit hall.

1. Your website needs to be transaction-ready.

Consumerism isn't a new concept in healthcare marketing. But it was one of the major underlying themes of this year's conference, both in sessions and in the conversations we had in the exhibit hall.

One of the best questions we were asked in the exhibit hall was "What can you do to help my website be more transactional?"

While there's not just one answer to that question, for many organizations, becoming more transaction-ready involves moving beyond offering the basic elements of digital interaction, such as a provider directory and a basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, to incorporate elements like online scheduling and bill pay that create a more seamless experience. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • How do consumers find you?
  • How do they get to know you?
  • How do they do business with you?

As a number of speakers noted, organizations like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Apple are moving into the healthcare space—and they are experts in creating consumer-friendly transaction experiences.

2. Your digital presence should solve problems.

Another consumerism-focused theme from a number of sessions is that your digital presence should help people solve problems (not create more problems for them).

3. To succeed, you need consulting partners, not vendors.

One of our favorite sessions at this year's conference was Monday's CMO panel discussion titled "Leveraging Consumer Marketing Practices in Health Care."

We particularly loved hearing the panel members talk about the importance of working with consulting partners who are partners that care about your overall success, instead of vendors who are just there to be order-takers on individual tasks.

A good consulting partner can let you scale your team's expertise and can offer broader insights from their work with other organizations.

When you're looking for a consulting partner, ask yourself:

  • Are they able to work in partnership with you?
  • Are they invested in your success as much as if they were a full-time employee?
  • Are they willing to collaborate with your other partners, even in areas where they might be competitors?

The discussion also provided a number of great insights for healthcare marketers about how to be more than just an order-taker for service line leaders and others within the organization. If you weren't able to attend the session in person, it's one to put on your list to watch when the SHSMD video bundle becomes available.

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