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Healthcare content3 min read Spot on! 4 key attributes of compelling healthcare content

Whether you're discussing COVID-19, obstetrics, oncology or a fundraising event, your content should have these essential and engaging qualities.

April 12, 2021The Coffey Team

How do you create compelling healthcare content that reaches and resonates with your readers?

It’s always been an important question for healthcare marketers—and now more than ever.

Your messages have to compete with a mass of information from your readers’ smartphones, mailboxes and neighborhood newsstands.

4 ways to write engaging content that works

Whether you're discussing COVID-19, obstetrics, oncology, telehealth or a virtual fundraising event during the pandemic, your content should have these essential and engaging qualities.

1. Think like a reader. To create compelling healthcare content, you need to give people information that they can use to make wise healthcare decisions. And you can’t do that unless you think of your readers first. Try this trick: If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you're on your way to creating something that has value to your audience. Does your content:

  • Answer a question?
  • Solve a problem?
  • Tell an inspiring story?
  • Provide information that consumers need or can't find anywhere else?

Remember: By putting your readers' needs first and developing content that resonates with them, you'll create healthcare content that is truly helpful and valuable.

2. Be friendly. Healthcare writing that’s too formal or stuffed with jargon might be accurate, but the meaning can be hard to find.

Worse, for readers who have low health literacy, this type of content can be a barrier to healthcare. And even people who read at a higher level may disregard difficult or dense text. Who has the time these days?

On the other hand, friendly, approachable writing invites readers in. It uses terms everyone can understand. It feels like it’s coming from a trusted friend.

3. Be accurate and give realistic, bite-sized advice. We all know that smoking is bad for us and that diabetes is a serious disease that needs to be managed. What we crave is information that helps us learn how we can kick the habit or meet our blood sugar goals.

People can feel discouraged, though, when you give them long lists of difficult steps. That’s why you may want to offer them just a few doable steps that they can start to take today. People may be likelier to take those steps if you offer them with a helping of empathy and encouragement.

Also, be sure that your content is trustworthy and current. And will it be clear to your readers that your content comes from a genuine place? People may be suspicious or confused if the advice doesn't jibe with other articles they've read or if it seems overly promotional.

When you do all of these things, you'll be giving readers the help they need to trust your advice—and put it into action.

4. Use a powerful format. How you present your content is nearly as important as the words themselves. Are there clear entry points? Is text broken up to make it easier to scan and read? Are images positive and engaging? Do calls to action stand out so readers know what steps to take next?

Consider innovative ways to package your content, such as with infographics, charts and even puzzles.

Of course, the ideal look and layout for your content will depend on where it appears. A feature in your hospital's magazine will need a different treatment than content on your website or in your mobile app.

Whatever the channel, the format can make sure that the messages you've carefully crafted come to life for readers and inspire action.

Learn about Coffey's healthcare content services

When it comes to reaching your marketing goals, quality content can make all the difference. But hitting the mark isn't always easy. And content creation can also take time that you may not have.

That's where you can count on Coffey.

Our team of healthcare content creators crafts compelling stories that people want to read. Our staff includes experts in health literacy, design, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

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