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Healthcare contentHealthcare marketing strategy2 min read Telehealth is here to stay

COVID-19 has officially pushed us into the telehealth age—whether we’re ready or not.

February 2, 2021

Hospital systems and providers rose to the immediate challenge in the early stages of the pandemic. They quickly offered telehealth services that might have otherwise taken years to roll out. But what was initially a way to meet the urgent need is becoming a standard. Now, patients demand this type of care.

Patient telehealth expectations

For many patients, care via telephone or computer is a no-brainer. It’s convenient, and online scheduling is flexible. Parking is never an issue and there’s no concern about COVID-19 exposure.

But what happens when the pandemic is over?

Consumers see telehealth as part of the new normal. They understand that some issues require in-person care. But for many visits, telehealth has set a new standard of service that people like. And in general, consumers don’t respond well to having a convenience taken away. Telehealth is here to stay.

Hospital system telehealth challenges

The convenience for patients is great. The technology also allows family members to be more informed and involved in their loved ones’ care. And providers are embracing telehealth and the insight it can give into the day-to-day lives of the people in their care.

But hospital systems face a wide range of concerns about long-term telehealth programs. How will it mesh with in-person care? How can quality, accessibility and security be ensured?

It’s easy to fall back on in-person care. After all, that’s how we’ve always done it. But patients and their families will continue to demand telehealth services. And the availability and ease of these offerings are quickly becoming differentiators in the market.

Hospital systems must face these challenges swiftly or be left behind.

Smart ways to move forward with telehealth

To make telehealth work for patients and providers, you’ve got to have the right infrastructure in place. This includes:

  • A secure system that meets compliance and accessibility standards.
  • An intuitive user interface for both providers and patients.
  • Easy-to-use scheduling tools that can integrate into existing schedulers and provide comprehensive reporting.
  • Education and marketing resources for every audience and every channel.

It’s a lot to take on—especially for hospital systems that are already stretched to the limit. That’s why turning to the experts is the way to go.

Coffey Communications can ensure that your hospital system has all the tools it needs to make telehealth a success. We can provide a customized patient journey with an interface that’s easy to navigate. Our CMS has the ability to integrate with existing scheduler tools, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And we provide resources to help you get the word out. Whether your audience is internal or external, we help you communicate the benefits of telehealth via print, your website, social media and beyond.

Make telehealth work for your hospital system

We can help you assess your current system and develop a telehealth presence that will meet your needs—now and in the future. Call 888.805.9101 or email us to learn more about how Coffey Communications can help you make the most of telehealth.