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SEO2 min read The best free SEO tools from MozCon 2018

Take a look at our favorite free SEO tools that were featured at MozCon 2018 and learn how you can use them to boost your rankings.

August 20, 2020Molly Phillips, Digital Content Specialist

Free Starbucks, free snacks, free swag—MozCon has great perks, but it's the groundbreaking industry tips that keep us coming back each year. So while we loved the complimentary lattés at this year's conference, we were most excited by the free SEO tools we discovered during the presentations.

Much like the topics covered at MozCon, the SEO tools we'll discuss here vary greatly. Some will help you streamline your keyword research and others will identify issues that affect your website's ranking potential.

Here's a look at three free SEO tools featured in presentations at Mozcon 2018:

1. WebPagetest
Find it at:

SEO isn't all keywords and content. Google is increasingly putting higher emphasis on UX factors like site speed. Emily Grossman's presentation "What all marketers can do about site speed" highlighted the importance of having a site with quality content that loads fast.

This last July, Google rolled out an update that included site speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches. The "Speed Update" affected pages that delivered the slowest experience.

One great thing about WebPagetest is that it allows you to test based on different locations, devices and browsers.

2. AnswerThePublic
Find it at:

We're longtime fans of AnswerThePublic, so we were pleased when Casie Gillette mentioned this site as an awesome tool for generating keyword ideas.

To use it, simply type in a keyword you associate with your content and go through the lists of questions, prepositions, comparisons and related keywords associated with it. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand visualization. Here's an example of what a search for "diabetes education" looks like:

3. Screaming Frog
Find it at:

Another tool that isn't new, but is worth talking about again—Screaming Frog came up in a few different presentations as a quality website crawler. A free download of it allows you to crawl up to 500 URLs of any website to determine if any pages are broken or missing fields that affect ranking.

Get a professional healthcare SEO audit

Using the free SEO tools in this post is an excellent way to begin to dig into your site's SEO performance. But this is a complex area of digital marketing that only seems to get more complicated as time goes on. You need a thorough audit of your URLs to find the pieces in your process that may be broken.

Building an SEO strategy from scratch can be daunting. And taking the time to find and learn the necessary tools might not be in the cards.

At Coffey, we have teams of SEO and UX experts who can perform an SEO analysis of your domain and customize a plan to improve your performance.

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