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Print and direct mail1 min read The top 5 mistakes in print marketing

Stand out from the crowd with print

May 7, 2021The Coffey Team

In a world where the digital space is crowded, print can help you stand out. But without careful planning, your print project can get lost.

Here’s how to avoid the top five mistakes in print marketing.

  1. Define your target audience. If you target your audience to align with the age group, gender, location, health concern or other demographics that would most benefit from your collateral, you are more likely to have success. Producing print collateral without a targeted audience is a lost opportunity.
  2. Provide compelling content. Health information must be relevant, accurate and well-sourced. Content also needs to be engaging. For today's audience, that means simple, easily digestible content that aligns with business goals and the healthcare consumers’ needs.
  3. Use specific calls to action. A call to action (CTA) tells your readers what to do and where to go next, making the user journey easy to understand. “Call to schedule an appointment” is much more specific than “Learn More.” A strong CTA transforms consumers into patients.
  4. Maintain brand consistency. All marketing collateral should align with your core brand values, tone, and visual and messaging elements. This creates a consistent patient experience and fosters brand trust and loyalty.
  5. Use an integrated marketing approach. A publication or direct-mail piece should be part of any fully integrated campaign. It maximizes your reach and meets the less tech-savvy consumers where they are.

Whether you are a current Coffey client or not, our team can help you take on your day-to-day communications challenges. Ask us about our print and digital content services and custom digital tools. Call 888.805.9101 or email us—we’re here to help.

Download our infographic, Avoid the top 5 mistakes in print marketing.

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