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Website design1 min read Using your website's calendar to schedule COVID-19 vaccines

Coffey's calendar module enables a user to create and manage a repeating event in a single entry.

January 26, 2021Pia Mangini, Digital Content Manager

Busy healthcare marketers rely on tools that improve efficiency. In a time of quickly changing health information, the most important arrow in your quiver is your website. And your content management system (CMS) should allow you to easily and efficiently make changes and updates to keep your healthcare consumer informed.

A particular pain point for any marketer working in a CMS is scheduling events in your website’s calendar tool. Consider a class that has multiple dates, locations and times. In the past, that required scheduling each one separately. To resolve this, Coffey has created a calendar module that enables the user to create and manage a repeating event with a single entry, even if that event recurs at different times or in different locations.

Healthcare organizations are taking advantage of this functionality to offer online COVID-19 vaccine scheduling. Online scheduling is nothing new but typically allows patients to schedule an event or appointment at a specific date, location and time. By maximizing online scheduling capabilities, a provider or health system can manage more complex scheduling processes such as registering patients for COVID-19 vaccines offered on multiple days, times and locations. This eliminates the need to create a calendar event for each individual time slot or vaccine location.

Leveraging a website’s existing calendar function, and with encryption for secure transfer of personal health information, a user can register for their vaccine and provide payment and insurance information as required by their provider.

Some of the benefits of online scheduling include:

  • Enables the marketer to streamline their scheduling.
  • Provides a good patient experience with a seamless approach to the patient registration process.
  • Reduces administrative workflow challenges.
  • Provides documentation for follow up with provider.
  • Eliminates double bookings and data entry errors.
  • Leverages a website’s existing calendar function.
  • Assists in reporting to appropriate agencies.
  • Frees up call centers.
  • Provides an opportunity for communication/education.
  • Convenience and speed.
  • Real-time appointment availability.

If you currently use our calendar module, we can customize your existing module to schedule reservations for COVID-19 vaccines. If you are not yet a client of Coffey, call 888.805.9101 or email us so we can discuss how this functionality can work within your CMS.