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Healthcare marketing strategyCompliance and accessibility2 min read What you should know about HITRUST

Learn the value of partnering with companies who manage their risk

February 12, 2021The Coffey Team

The safety of people’s information and their privacy are top concerns in any industry. But in healthcare, that safety is even more critical. Healthcare providers must make sure they take steps to protect their clients’ information.

That’s why working with a HITRUST-certified company can give you an advantage. But what exactly does that mean? Here are some answers to your top questions.

What is HITRUST?

A HITRUST CSF certification shows that an organization has met key standards and regulations in cyber security. It also means they are managing their risk when it comes to file and information sharing. They achieve this by taking steps to secure their web hosting and mailing services data systems.

HITRUST was established in 2007. Here’s a snapshot of what they offer.

  • HITRUST CSF is a framework that uses an integrated approach to manage cyber security.
  • HITRUST Alliance Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps companies address both internal and third-party risk management and compliance needs.
  • HITRUST Service Corporation is a for-profit organization that offers training and tools.

Who gets certified by HITRUST?

Organizations use the HITRUST framework because their cyber frameworks may have been developed without certain protections in place. In fact, more than 80% of healthcare organizations have now adopted a universal security framework, according to a recent HIMSS survey showing framework adoption. HITRUST CSF is one of the most widely adopted frameworks in the healthcare industry.

Many companies that work with healthcare providers have pursued certification as well. When companies get certified, it means they have aligned with HITRUST’s common controls and guidelines in cyber security. HITRUST helps organizations:

  • Identify a framework that addresses regulatory, risk and third-party requirements for privacy and security.
  • Address state, federal and international guidelines and violations.
  • Measure the success of implementing and operating security and privacy controls.

What is the value of a certified partner?

Working with a HITRUST-certified partner comes with benefits. First, you can be confident that a certified partner has gone the extra mile to ensure that your data concerns are addressed. Second, getting certified shows that your partner has a long-term commitment to protect their clients and their clients’ clients. Finally, some healthcare companies may require that partners be certified to ensure laws and regulations are met.

Data breaches cost organizations a great deal of money—sometimes millions of dollars. That means working with a HITRUST-certified company can save you time and money by preventing data breaches and smoothing the way for compliance audits.

How do I find HITRUST certified partners?

Companies often announce when they become HITRUST CSF certified. In many cases, the certification will be listed on the company website. You can also ask if a partner company it is certified.

If your health marketing team wants to keep ahead of the competition, Coffey's team can help. We are HITRUST certified for our web hosting and mailing services data systems. We can provide experts in healthcare marketing strategy, website and content creation. Call 888.805.9101 or email us to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals.