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New hospital construction takes center stage

Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) is expanding their facility in Astoria, Oregon. It's a high-profile expansion in the heart of the town, and they want the community to know all about their plans and how the expansion will enhance local health care. Carving out pages in each of their publications, while also featuring updates online, helps keep the community fully informed.

The initiative is called "BuildCMH" and has a distinct purpose: to inform and educate the public about the new hospital plan.

"We know that people get information on so many different levels," says Sarah Bello, Marketing Manager at CMH. "By sharing the information both online and in our regularly produced publication, Health Compass, we knew we would reach as many people as possible in our community."

The goals of the BuildCMH initiative are to:

  • Answer the community's questions about the expansion.
  • Explain how the project started and why and how the community benefits from the expansion.
  • Show the community that CMH is spending the money necessary to expand in a responsible manner.
  • Promote the hospital's foundation and fundraising efforts.
  • Showcase a historical timeline of events and act as a time capsule for the expansion.

BuildCMH will also be featured in marketing campaigns across social media, as well as in town halls that the community will be invited to.

Working together to tell a story

Coffey already produces Health Compass for CMH, so Bello knew that folding this content in with the other information that is sent to the community would be a straightforward ask of her Coffey team—and it has worked seamlessly.