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Content management system

When readers come to your website, they expect content that is accurate and up-to-date. That means you must edit, add or delete content frequently. Whenever something changes, your website must reflect that change.

Don't let a lack of programming expertise keep you from changing your website when you need to do so. Meet Site Assist: Coffey's content management system (CMS) made for healthcare organizations.

Site Assist

When you are tasked with making website updates, your CMS can be the difference between a frustrating day and a productive day. Coffey's enterprise CMS, Site Assist, is built exclusively for hospitals, health systems and health plans, and gives you easy access and complete control over your content. Site Assist allows you to streamline your work through quick and easy page management and integrated modules that can be easily accessed by your marketing team for content updates.

Site Assist makes managing providers and service lines, as well as varied locations much easier by connecting the locations, providers and services within the CMS. This makes it manageable for you and easy for your consumers to know which providers are accepting new patients, who they can request an appointment with, how to get there and what services that provider offers.

To stay on top of industry changes, Coffey develops new CMS features as our clients need them. During the pandemic, we released changes that helped our clients to schedule vaccinations and share COVID-19 content. Talk to us about your CMS needs.

Coffey Social 

Site Assist makes your job easier by publishing your social media posts directly from our CMS with the Coffey Social tool. 

Our interactive digital health content makes it easy to serve your consumers infographics, engaging videos and compelling breaking news pieces made to engage readers. And it’s all here for you, ready to grab and publish.


Your healthcare website needs to meet the needs of many different groups. For example, your human resources department needs to be able to advertise jobs and collect applications. Your foundation needs to be able to accept donations. And, of course, consumers need to be able to find and register for events and search for physicians.

Each of these tasks is unique and requires slightly different functionality. To meet everyone's needs, you need a flexible set of tools. Coffey has developed just that with our content modules.

The modules were built with the needs of healthcare organizations in mind. These tools give you the flexibility you need to create and deliver content for your unique groups of users. And they integrate seamlessly with your website to ensure a consistent look and feel on every page.

Our 11 modules include:

  • Health Information Library (English and Spanish) and E-newsletters.
  • Provider Directory.
  • Locations.
  • Form Builder.
  • News Release Center.
  • Cheer Cards.
  • Blogs.
  • Calendar.
  • Gift Shop.
  • Baby Nursery.
  • Job Center.

Is your CMS built for healthcare?

We built our CMS with healthcare teams in mind, so you'll have all the tools you need to be successful. Ready for a demo?

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