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Enewsletters are customized with your branding.

Enewsletters are customized with your branding.

What they are

Coffey's suite of enewsletters helps jump-start your digital communication efforts to your community, and maintain that connection.

This Week in Health: The latest health news, sent to consumers every Friday.

Keeping Well: A monthly e-newsletter tailored to the health interests of the subscriber.

Pregnancy: Synced with the subscriber's due date, from conception through birth, for a total of 43 emails.

New Parent: Sent each month for the first three years of a child's lifeā€”up to 37 issues.

Why they are useful

Coffey's e-newsletters help you communicate regularly with targeted groups of healthcare consumers about topics they're interested in. And our module helps you deliver content that is timely, so you're delivering information when it's most relevant.

Choose one or more of the e-newsletters that seem right for your community. Customize and brand those e-newsletters to your organization.