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Custom design and UX

User experience

When you work with Coffey, you get access to a highly skilled team of industry experts who specialize in results-driven healthcare websites. We don't build our websites from templates. Each website we build is 100% custom and designed to:

  • Set you apart from your competitors by reflecting your brand throughout your site.
  • Convert your health consumers to patients.
  • Help your consumers find what they need on your website. 
  • Ensure that your website offers the best possible user experience by making sure a complicated site structure is simplified and cohesive.

Your healthcare organization is focused on patient experience, so why shouldn't your website align by providing great user experience? Without a website partner that provides excellent UX, your consumers could experience slow-loading pages, difficult navigation, broken or invalid links, stale content, non-clickable buttons, a frustrating user experience and much more. If your website experiences some of these UX problems, we're happy to share best practices with you.

Custom design

Healthcare consumers expect your website to function as quickly and seamlessly as any other website. This means they want to get to the information they need in as few clicks as possible and expect your website to be optimized for speed.

We use technology and best practices to design your site to provide fast loading and user friendly consumer experiences.

Coffey designs websites that:

  • Are healthcare consumer-centric.
  • Are built on a mobile-first strategy.
  • Have a clear visual hierarchy.
  • Enable consumers to find what they want quickly and in as few clicks as possible.
  • Have content that is easy to understand.
  • Have no dead ends, always offering the user ways to move forward.

Optimization and quality assurance

The Coffey team helps you put the building blocks in place to ensure that your website is optimized to:

  • Provide your consumers a consistent experience by ensuring that your website works on a variety of browsers and devices.
  • Make sure your user can easily navigate your site using links that are functional. 
  • Give you brand control by acting as your "brand police."
  • Get  your consumer the information they need quickly by building search functionality into your website.
  • Ensure that your website ranks well in search engines by adding meta descriptions, title tags and alt attributes for images.
  • Make sure all users can access your website by testing and monitoring content accessibility.

Third-party integration

The use of third-party tools plays a large part in providing good user experience by offering your consumers the opportunity to complete tasks on your website like pay their bill or make an appointment.

Coffey has the expertise needed to integrate modules and tools by incorporating third-party software or an application programming interface (API) to integrate electronic medical record tools for patients, timekeeping systems for employees and other third-party software or APIs such as bill pay, reputation management and star ratings, recruiting and analytics.

Our approach to third-party integration is to use industry best practices such as incorporating APIs including:

  • Bill pay: PayPal,, Converge, Elavon.
  • Reputation management and Star ratings:, Binary Fountain, Yext, NRC Health.
  • Recruiting: HealthcareSource, Taleo.
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, social media channels.
  • Accessibility: erexpress, Healthgrades.
  • EHR: Allscripts, Epic, Cerner, Meditech.

Digital content audits

The content on your website should inspire your consumers to engage with you by providing the information they are seeking and encouraging them to convert to patients. To ensure that your content is working for you, we recommend beginning any website development or design project with a content audit.

A digital content audit is the foundation of a good content strategy because it enables you to see the strengths, weaknesses and gaps of the content on your website. Our content audits include recommendations for writing and editing pages, understanding terminology used by consumers searching for your services, removing duplicate pages, and streamlining navigation for better user experience.

How will you benefit from a content audit?

  • You can see what content is performing well and how you can apply that knowledge to pages that are lower performing.
  • You can find ways to improve your SEO results by deleting non-relevant pages, optimizing internal linking and improving navigation.
  • You can find duplicate content that could be repurposed, and content that is missing, underperforming or outdated.
  • You will understand the keywords consumers are using who are searching for your organization online.
  • You can determine if your content is aligned with your consumers' needs.

A content audit helps you establish a baseline so that you can make continuous improvements to your content marketing or SEO strategy over time and measure the impact. If you have not done a digital content audit, talk to us and find out why you should.

Coffey's CMS is intuitive and built specifically for the healthcare industry, and we’re able to make most of the changes needed on a daily basis within our team.

—Iredell Health System

Custom design and UX experts

Are you seeking a website that sets you apart from your competitors? Let's talk about our 100% custom designed websites that are consumer-centric and maximize your other investments through integration of third-party tools.

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