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Security, accessibility and compliance

Website compliance

Because your organization is responsible for sensitive patient data, you need a partner who understands healthcare compliance. Coffey works exclusively in healthcare, so we are well-versed in the regulatory and compliance challenges you face, including:

  • Section 508
  • WCAG 2.1 AA
  • PCI compliance

How are you managing compliance on your website? And how often are these areas being reviewed? If it's not being reviewed at least annually, and every time you make a major site change, you may not have the best solution in place. Let's talk about how Coffey can help!

Website security

Security plays a crucial role in the lasting credibility of your website. But it's important to remember that your site's security measures shouldn't only protect your organization's best interests; they should also protect your patients. 

Some open-source software can have vulnerabilities that might affect your data and organization. And certain plug-ins have known security risks. If you are not working with a partner who is knowledgeable about and committed to website security, your site could be vulnerable to hackers.

You need a website that is built on a secure platform, is tested regularly for vulnerability and works properly in the widest range of modern standards-compliant web browsers. We use an ASP platform to maintain security and provide the best experience possible. To find out why this is part of our practice standard, just ask us.



HITRUST certification

Your healthcare organization's website requires the highest level of security, regulatory compliance and risk management available. Coffey's HITRUST CSF certification places us as an industry leader. 

HITRUST certification verifies that Coffey uses the strictest requirements with high-risk data. In the event of a data breach or security lapse, you want to know that your web partner took as many precautionary steps as possible to uphold compliance and provide a secure environment for your sensitive information.

Maintaining HITRUST certification of our web hosting and mailing services data systems requires regular review, sound risk management practices and ongoing improvements to our security posture.

If your web partner is not HITRUST certified, let's talk about what this could mean for your website.

Coffey can help

As a healthcare marketer, you have enough hats to wear. You don't have time to stay on top of the latest changes in security and compliances. No need to worry; we will do that for you!

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