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Publications and direct mail

In a world where the digital space is crowded, print can be a disrupter and help you stand out in a less competitive environment—the mailbox.

Direct mail is a vital part of a healthcare marketing plan, and a well-designed, engaging piece will provide a consistent reminder of your key marketing messages. With direct mail, you can reach specific healthcare consumer groups where they live, with messaging specifically designed for them.

Often, digital and print can seem like two very different animals. But direct mail should be built into any fully integrated campaign. It maximizes your reach, meets the consumer where they are, and helps keep healthcare consumers healthier and happier for longer.

Coffey specializes in the development and execution of custom newsletters, magazines, Medicare and Medicaid materials, and postcards. From editorial planning to the mailbox, we've been doing direct mail work exclusively for healthcare clients since 1983.

Why print?

Print remains a powerhouse for healthcare outreach. In fact, print products such as magazines, newsletters and direct mail pieces could be just the tools you need to reach your healthcare consumer. Print enables you to proactively reach a more carefully-curated audience, connect with compelling content, maintain brand consistency and integrate with digital campaigns. You don’t have to wait for healthcare consumers to find you or your competitor.

We target households based on their demographics like age, gender and income. We can also use your lists, lists from a third party such as Healthgrades, or a combination of lists. Reaching a highly targeted audience with your publication allows you to include content that pushes readers closer to becoming a patient.

It is especially effective to end print articles with calls-to-action that lead back to your site. It helps get your direct mail recipients onto your site so that they can convert by doing activities such as scheduling an appointment, registering for a class, accessing their patient portal or donating to your foundation.

Integration with digital

If you're not converting your print articles into a digital format for your website, you're shortening their potential reach. Doing so enables you to disseminate your print content across multiple online channels like blogs, social media and pay-per-click advertising. This can help expand your reach and get a greater return on the time and resources you put into your publication.

We can show you how to add synergy to your strategy by taking a cross-channel approach to your direct mail assets and website. We've been in the print healthcare marketing business for decades. We know just how to design a piece that gets results, and we know how to meld print and digital campaigns together. 

What you can expect from Coffey

  • Custom publications and direct mail.
  • Publication audits.
  • Annual reports.
  • Distribution and data security.
  • Editorial planning.
  • HIPAA-compliant printing and mailing facilities.
  • New mover campaigns.
  • Digital publications and microsites.
  • Trackable phone numbers.
  • List management/targeting.
  • Reader surveys.

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