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Publications & direct mail

Targeting and list management

We know that managing mailing is likely something you’d rather leave to the experts, and we’ve got you covered. The Coffey publication team handles all list processing and overall mail management in-house. As a healthcare-specific vendor, Coffey has significant expertise working with sensitive data and complying with HIPAA standards.

For clients who maintain or supply their own mailing lists, we offer national change-of-address database processing (NCOA) to ensure that these lists are compliant with move-update standards as required by the USPS.

For each mailing, we analyze the geographic makeup of your files to determine the best location(s) to present the mail and any net savings that could be achieved by trucking the mailing closer to its final destinations. This allows Coffey to take advantage of USPS destination entry postage discounts for you and can also achieve quicker delivery into readers’ homes. We factor in trucking costs and prepare mailings to take advantage of any drop shipments that will provide a net savings to you. We actively research and implement other ways to reduce your postage costs, including tabbing for automation rates when applicable.

How to clean up your hospital newsletter mailing list

We recommend taking your hospital newsletter mailing lists through a merge/purge process.

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