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Community and foundation magazines

Publication services

When you need to target your healthcare consumers, meet them where they are with a publication. We have specialized in publication work exclusively for healthcare clients for nearly 40 years. We’re experts in the development and execution of custom newsletters, magazines, Medicare and Medicaid materials, postcards and more.

Coffey's team helps to ensure that your publication engages with your audience through compelling custom content created specifically for your healthcare consumers or health plan members. With careful targeting, we help you reach the right audience with the right message to meet your goals and increase conversions.


Magazines and newsletters

Planning a publication can be time-consuming and put stress on your resources. At Coffey, we have the resources to create a custom publication designed especially for your organization and consumers, from concept to the mailbox. Our experienced healthcare writers, editors, researchers, fact checkers and design staff ensure that you have a publication that engages your community and gets results. 

We can create custom content for your publication, or you can select content from one of our content libraries. Coffey's client portal helps you plan your publication through file sharing. With our client portal you can also:

  • Interact with your production team and securely submit your documents and files to us.
  • Review the wide range of healthcare-related content we produce that is available for use in your publication.
  • Request editorial support, whether that is expert help with planning or with custom writing.

A local resource

Digital marketing casts a wide geographic net. However, print can be more effective at reaching healthcare consumers at a local level.  Coffey creates healthcare magazines and newsletters that:

  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Target your market. 
  • Increase credibility. 
  • Have a longer shelf-life than digital content. 
  • Create a tactile experience. 

Coffey has helped us provide education and resources to better assist the community with more informed decision making around their healthcare.

—Advent Health

Ready to reach your community?

Creating a quality magazine can help you stand out in your community — and from your competitors. And it can lead people to choose your organization for their healthcare. Sometimes an outside perspective, like ours, can take your publication in a new and exciting direction.

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