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Member newsletters and disease management

Health plan publications

We understand that health plan content can be complicated. Not only do you want to engage your members, you need to provide information to make it easy for members to effectively use their plan.

Coffey can help with population-specific content that blends relevant health information with plan-centric materials into a comprehensive publication. 

Whether you are trying to improve HEDIS measures, decrease demand on your call center, or increase re-enrollment, Coffey's content experts can help you create a publication to target your goals and engage your members. 

We make it easy to plan your publication with Coffey's client portal, which gives you secure access to a library of health content, file sharing and helpful planning tools.

Disease management

Your member newsletter can be a powerful tool to help people with chronic conditions—such as diabetes or heart failure—live better and healthier lives. However, it takes expertise to generate effective, accurate and action-oriented content. 

Coffey has disease management content in our libraries that will help your members with a variety of chronic conditions take control and enjoy better health. Our experienced writers and editors know how to produce stories for your health plan that can inspire, educate and motivate. 

Provider publications

Coffey’s longtime experience with health plans means we also have expertise in producing effective provider publications that feature custom content on topics such as:

  • How to talk to members about managing chronic conditions.
  • How to provide quality care in line with key measure sets such as those behind HEDIS, CMS Star Ratings, and the Medicaid and CHIP Scorecard.
  • New approaches for interacting with patients via telemedicine.
  • Guidelines for treating chronic pain.

Medicaid publications

Our team is skilled at connecting with a diverse, low-income, low-literacy audience through relevant imagery and easy-to-understand content. Our content reflects a blend of plan-specific information and health articles with a focus on wellness and prevention.

Articles are written at a fourth-grade Flesch-Kincaid level and vetted for clarity of writing, familiarity of words, cultural sensitivity and personal relevance. And we work with experienced translators who can get your message out in the languages your members prefer to speak.

Medicare publications

Coffey creates content for older adults that can help them manage chronic conditions and cultivate a healthy, active lifestyle at any age. 

The primary focus of our strategic content is to improve your health plan's CMS Star ratings. We work with you on an annual editorial plan, which factors in a number of elements, including:

  • CAHPS and Health Outcomes Survey results.
  • Relevant HEDIS measures and NCQA scores.
  • Reader survey feedback and member FAQs.
  • Coffey’s internal reports on topic requests across our client family.
  • Evergreen and seasonal topics.
  • Current healthcare news.

All content developed for our Medicaid library is written at or below a fourth-grade Flesch-Kincaid reading level. We can edit the content in your publication to meet the reading level requirements as mandated by your regulatory agencies without sacrificing important information or appearing condescending to the reader.

Custom planning and editing

To help you move the needle on important benchmarks, Coffey works with you on an editorial plan that factors in:

  • Your targeted quality measures.
  • Your member survey feedback.
  • Member FAQs.
  • Evergreen and seasonal topics.
  • Content for niche audiences, like foster parents or people with disabilities.

We can also edit content to meet the reading level requirements mandated by your regulatory agencies without sacrificing important information.

Take your health plan to the next level!

With nearly 40 years of healthcare marketing experience, Coffey’s team can help drive wellness initiatives, increase member engagement, and improve your HEDIS scores and Star ratings.

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