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Targeting and list management


Producing print collateral without a targeted audience is a lost opportunity.  Coffey can help you reach specific healthcare consumer groups where they live, with messaging designed specifically for them.

We work with you to target your audience to align with the age group, gender, location or other demographics that would most benefit from your publication. We ensure that your content is engaging, compelling and relevant and that your calls to action transform consumers into patients.

If targeting is not a part of your best practice, talk to us and find out why it should be.

List management

Coffey handles all list processing and overall mail management in-house. We can work with a list you provide or obtain a third-party list on your behalf. We provide address standardization and ZIP code updating, delivery point validation, NCOA Updating, and presorting to achieve the most efficient mail delivery and lowest postage rates.

If you're looking to maximize your marketing budget, you'll want to ensure that you send just one copy to each home in your target market. We can merge/purge your list to remove duplicate addresses if needed. 

Our list management services include:

  • File set-up for your lists.
  • Merge purge.
  • NCOA processing and setup.
  • Deduping.
  • Wafer setup and sealing. 


Mailing services

Coffey looks for the most economical way of getting publications to your consumers' homes.

Mailing list preparation and processing is performed on-site by Coffey, and quality-checked and approved before completion. 

For each mailing, we determine any net savings that could be achieved by trucking the mailing closer to its final destinations. This allows us to take advantage of USPS destination entry postage discounts. We factor in trucking costs and prepare mailings to take advantage of any drop shipments that will provide savings. And we actively research and implement other ways to reduce client postage costs, including tabbing for automation rates when applicable.

Any mail drop shipments to USPS locations are arranged by Coffey and tracked to delivery to ensure that your publication reaches your consumer.

HITRUST certification

Coffey's HITRUST certification places us as an industry leader in managing high-risk data. In the event of a data breach or security lapse, you want to know that your partner took as many precautionary steps as possible to uphold compliance and provide a secure environment for your organization's sensitive information. Partnering with Coffey ensures that your patients’ records will be safeguarded, and any potential risk is mitigated.

The HITRUST certification of our web hosting and mailing services data systems demonstrates our commitment to information security and privacy for compliance with HIPAA and beyond. HITRUST certification requires a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of security and privacy protections performed by a qualified external assessment organization and further reviewed by the HITRUST organization. 

Let's have a conversation about why you should choose a HITRUST-certified partner.

Need help with targeting?

Who you send your publication to is just as important as the content you put in it. Don't leave your list work to chance. At Coffey, we have decades of experience in helping healthcare organizations reach their communities with print publications that work. We'd love to help you.

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