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The Coffey difference

Imagine partnering with a healthcare marketing agency that prioritizes your specific goals and needs. We hear from prospects in the market that service is one of the key areas where they have felt let down by a vendor in the past—promises made and not kept or a lack of responsiveness to requests.

The Coffey team is both highly responsive and also takes the initiative to anticipate your needs. You can expect a seamless and productive collaboration on every project we partner with you on.

'I couldn't be more impressed'

Coffey Communications has been our Print Publication vendor for several years. We absolutely love their work, so they made the shortlist during our website re-design vendor selection process and were eventually chosen as our new vendor to re-design our website and team member portal. From the very beginning stages of planning, throughout implementation and launch, they were professional, creative, reliable, available, and absolutely fantastic to work with.

I've spearheaded two full website/team member portal redesigns in my career with the Health System and countless technology implementations, and by far, this redesign with Coffey Communications was the smoothest and most efficient major project working with a vendor that I've ever experienced. We were given a very strict timeline per our leadership team to complete the project in six months, and Coffey Communications delivered. I was consistently impressed through every stage of the process: they were organized while planning, thorough in their content and analytics audits, thoughtful in their designs, and knowledgeable in their copywriting and SEO.

I couldn't have been more pleased with their attention to detail, drive, focus, and commitment to making this project a success. The only hiccup (minor) in the entire project was working with our Information Systems (IS) department. Coffey performed an integration with our Active Directory for the team member portal logins, a connection that we never had before. As launch day approached, additional coding was needed to secure the connection (a requirement given to Coffey by our IS team) and it required an extra day of work before launch. Literally, one day. I've participated in projects where hiccups in coding delayed projects for months, but Coffey's open communication and assurances were backed up by skillful action.

I couldn't be more impressed. Their CMS is user-friendly. Their support team is fast and reliable. And their dedication to ADA compliance is impressive. I'm thrilled to continue our relationship with them in both the print publication and the website, and my entire team looks forward to many more years of enjoying their stellar service.

Melody Bradley, Southeast Georgia Health System

'Responsive, proactive and collaborative'

We partnered with Coffey Communications on both the content creation for our website, as well as the redesign of the site itself at the launch of a new health system brand. Coffey did a great job for us, and continues to provide key advice and assistance on daily and weekly projects. As a team they are responsive, proactive and collaborative, working closely with us on projects ranging from content optimization, reporting on how our site is performing in search specific to services and locations, and adding landing pages and sub-sites as requested. We are pleased with our ability to make changes in the CMS on our own, but also rely on the Coffey team to turn around edits and changes quickly, which they do. We can count on them to support our marketing team as we report on the website’s success internally, too. I highly recommend working with Coffey Communications.

Steve Miller, Emanate Health

'Coffey is an integral part of our print and digital team'

I have worked with Coffey Communications for more than 12 years. As our efforts have grown and changed over the years, Coffey has been there with the innovative tools and customer support we needed to grow. Their implementation of Umbraco's Site Assist was a big game changer for us, allowing GRH the freedom and flexibility we wanted, with the support we needed. Some of the members of the team may have changed over the years, but the care and confidence they provide never waivers. During the challenges of COVID-19, Sherilee Coffey in particular was attentive to our challenges and worked through some hard decision with us. Flexible and adaptable to meet OUR needs, Coffey Communications is an integral part of our print and digital team. As a very small shop, we count on them. And they are always up to the task.

Mardi Ford, Grande Ronde Hospital

'CMS is intuitive and healthcare specific'

Coffey Communications was our vendor of choice to redesign our website in 2018, and they exceeded our expectations in getting the site built with a short deadline for go-live. Their content management system is intuitive to use and built specifically for the healthcare industry, and we’re able to make most of the changes needed on a daily basis within our team. The support staff is very responsive in answering questions, advising and making additional, more complex, website changes, too. One item that was really important to us in the redesign process was having the ability to add mini-sites for physicians and clinics, and Coffey developed an easy-to-use custom template that we can build out and deploy with little assistance from them. We really enjoy working with Coffey and recommend them for your website needs.

Megan Kowalski, Iredell Health

'Positive, seamless and exceptionally well-coordinated'

I'm happy to endorse Coffey Communications as a web development company. I've actually had the pleasure to work with Coffey with two different hospital systems. Both times the team at Coffey has made the experience positive, seamless and exceptionally well coordinated. Despite the size and complicated process of combining multi websites into one site (and despite Covid and working from home for many of our experts), this project was completed on-time and on-budget! The web developers, content writers and project coordinator we fantastic and easy with which to work. Our content writing team demonstrated great patience and expertise when dealing with all levels of contributors on our team. Next time I'm in the market for a web developer I'll call on Coffey. A final note, the back end of the system is very workable for my team and we can make changes efficiently and quickly. The modules are easy to maneuver and very adaptable.

Julie Simpson, University Health