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Working with Coffey

The Coffey difference

Imagine partnering with a healthcare marketing agency that prioritizes your specific goals and needs. We hear from prospects in the market that service is one of the key areas where they have felt let down by a vendor in the past—promises made and not kept or a lack of responsiveness to requests.

The Coffey team is both highly responsive and also takes the initiative to anticipate your needs. You can expect a seamless and productive collaboration on every project we partner with you on.

'Our new site is beautiful and easy to navigate'

Our hospital and associated clinics/specialty departments (13 total, two new clinics coming soon) recently went through a rebrand, and we needed a new website. Although our prior site was only three years old, it looked dated and had multiple functionality issues, so we felt the need to work with a new company. I came across other health care websites that Coffey Communications had done, and after our first meeting with them, knew I wanted to work with them on this project. Their experience, level of expertise, and professionalism surpassed even what I already knew would be a good experience working with them. As someone who's managed multiple rebrands for large companies, I've managed numerous website projects from start to finish. I appreciate an uber-organized project and process and Coffey Communications was on top of everything. From every interaction to the FlowMapp platform to upload our content for them, was so impressive. Our new site is beautiful, easy to navigate, I've had multiple compliments from patients and staff. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Coffey Communications for future projects.

Christina Voyles, Bitterroot Health

'Responsive, proactive and collaborative'

We partnered with Coffey Communications on both the content creation for our website, as well as the redesign of the site itself at the launch of a new health system brand. Coffey did a great job for us, and continues to provide key advice and assistance on daily and weekly projects. As a team they are responsive, proactive and collaborative, working closely with us on projects ranging from content optimization, reporting on how our site is performing in search specific to services and locations, and adding landing pages and sub-sites as requested. We are pleased with our ability to make changes in the CMS on our own, but also rely on the Coffey team to turn around edits and changes quickly, which they do. We can count on them to support our marketing team as we report on the website’s success internally, too. I highly recommend working with Coffey Communications.

Steve Miller, Emanate Health

'We would highly recommend Coffey!'

Coffey Communications has been our partner for over 5 years now. We have a great working relationship with them, and they are always available, knowledgeable and helpful. They have assisted us in bringing our website to the next level, and we would highly recommend them!

Dana McCoy, CGH Medical Center

'I continue to be impressed with the entire Coffey team'

We have come to depend on their professionalism, responsiveness and commitment to producing excellent web/communication products and services. Of particular note is their expansive library of licensed web content through its health library. I continue to be impressed with the entire Coffey team and their commitment to the success of their clients.

Frank Faust, Central Florida Health Alliance

'Coffey is an integral part of our print and digital team'

I have worked with Coffey Communications for more than 12 years. As our efforts have grown and changed over the years, Coffey has been there with the innovative tools and customer support we needed to grow. Their implementation of Umbraco's Site Assist was a big game changer for us, allowing GRH the freedom and flexibility we wanted, with the support we needed. Some of the members of the team may have changed over the years, but the care and confidence they provide never waivers. During the challenges of COVID-19, Sherilee Coffey in particular was attentive to our challenges and worked through some hard decision with us. Flexible and adaptable to meet OUR needs, Coffey Communications is an integral part of our print and digital team. As a very small shop, we count on them. And they are always up to the task.

Mardi Ford, Grande Ronde Hospital

'Coffey is one of my most important tools in my marketing toolbox'

I use Coffey Communications for our website, Facebook postings and our printed public newsletter. I give Coffey an A+ on all fronts. Just one of the reasons being is their level of customer service. They are, hands down, the best customer-service provider of all the organizations I deal with. They take their role of responding to my requests very seriously. I am very proud of our website and our printed publication. They both appear so professional—yet because of Coffey’s CMS and content libraries, that appearance is not dependent on my expertise in my one-person shop. As I have told others, "Coffey Communications makes me look good—to my CEO, our Board of Commissioners and the public at large." Coffey is one of my most important tools in my marketing toolbox.

Diane Markham, Arbor Health