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Success stories Adventist Health Sonora

For years Adventist Health Sonora's direct mail magazine has been an ideal way to make sure the community knows they don't have to leave the area to find the healthcare services they need. They realized that this could also be a crucial part of their strategy to recruit and retain providers. That's why they reached out to Coffey to help them launch a new provider magazine, The Pulse. Coffey's experience producing their consumer magazine with our staff of talented storytellers made it a perfect partnership.

Custom writing

Adventist Health Sonora's marketing team envisioned a publication that would evoke more than clinical excellence—it would speak to the heart of what it means to provide healthcare.

To do that, Coffey interviews multiple providers for each issue of The Pulse. But instead of just highlighting residencies, publications and CVs, we focus on providers as people. And we highlight their connection—through environment, family or mission—to the Sonora community.

An orthopedic surgeon speaks about his lifelong passion for skiing. Married couples talk about what it's like to share both a relationship and a career in medicine. A family medicine doctor tells how his father's compassionate example as a physician inspired his career path.

It's a way for Adventist Health Sonora's providers to get to know their colleagues—and strengthen the bonds they share with the health system, the community and each other.

Provider education

The Pulse also provides Adventist Health Sonora with an opportunity to help providers develop their skills and grow in their profession. But again, Coffey's writers are careful to connect this education to community.

In an article about the opioid epidemic, for example, we zoomed in from the national level to what's happening in Sonora's service area. And we offered evidence-based takeaways in a nonclinical voice.

The focus is on offering engaging, practical information that will help providers do their jobs even better, mentor each other and connect socially.

Recruitment support

Because providers are some of the best ambassadors, each issue of The Pulse also highlights openings Adventist Health Sonora needs to fill. And it encourages providers to reach out to the health system's physician recruiters with leads.

And when those leads come in? The Pulse will make a standout introduction to what it's like to be an Adventist Health Sonora provider.

Improve your provider communications

Looking to better engage providers and support recruitment? A magazine like The Pulse may be a good option. But there are many other ways to reach this audience depending on your exact goals.

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