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Success stories Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) provides health insurance to nearly 1.5 million people. In addition to ensuring that their members have coverage, BCBSAZ is committed to helping Arizonans get and stay healthier. Part of how they meet that goal is through the frequent distribution of health and wellness information. BCBSAZ partnered with Coffey Communications to provide engaging and educational health content.

An engaging digital health library

BCBSAZ needed an online health library with content they could use to supplement their member communications. The content needed to cover a wide range of health and wellness issues and be easy for the BCBSAZ team to slot into their member e-newsletters, social media posts and website. Coffey's library checked all the boxes.

The Coffey Health Information Library contains informative articles, interactive infographics, quizzes, calculators, videos and assessments that help BCBSAZ members learn about their health and medical care. Because the library covers so many health topics—from ADHD to wound care—the BCBSAZ team saves time and resources by not having to create as much new content from scratch.

The library is seamlessly integrated with the BCBSAZ website and member e-newsletter, and wrapped with the health plan's branding and links to health plan content.

Custom print newsletter design

Their good experience with Coffey's digital health library led BCBSAZ to also partner with Coffey on their print newsletter for Medicare members.

Each issue of the quarterly newsletter includes Coffey content. Our team also helps with the planning and layout of each issue.

Engage your health plan members

Coffey specializes in health plan communications. Engaging health plan members is our specialty, whether it's through your website or in print.

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