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Success stories CGH Medical Center

CGH Medical Center's website needed a content overhaul. During a previous merger, very old content had been pulled over to their website without any updates for SEO purposes. The CGH team felt that the old content—as well as the out-of-date design—was keeping healthcare consumers away from the website and from CGH's medical services.

Content audit

Coffey began the project by performing an extensive content audit. This included meeting with Dana McCoy, CGH's marketing director, to learn about her goals for the new site.

Our team then reviewed data about how people were finding and using the site and evaluated search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities.

We used McCoy's goals and the findings from the audit to inform our recommendations for the new site. These recommendations included an updated, mobile-optimized design and an updated content structure.

The data gathered in the audit also established baselines that could be used to measure the success of the new site.

One of the important findings of the audit was that there were many opportunities to combine pages and remove redundant content. This lined up with one of McCoy's goals—to make the website more streamlined. In the end, we recommended decreasing the number of pages on their website from 275 to 67.

This made the site easier for users to navigate and for CGH to maintain.

Optimized service line content

CGH's previous website had services listed as "Treatments" and "Other services" in two separate sections. We recommended combining this information into one, clearly labeled "Services" section.

We also found opportunities to optimize nearly all of the services content.

For example, our research showed that people in CGH's community were using specific provider search terms like "pediatrician," "family medicine" and "internal medicine." As a result, we recommended replacing their "primary care" page with new, optimized pages about each individual specialty.

Our team used a similar, data-driven approach to create or optimize all of the content in the services section. As part of this, service pages that had general health information were updated so that they focused specifically on CGH's expert staff and unique facilities.

The new content sparked a significant increase in traffic overall. In the first year after the new site went live, organic search traffic to services skyrocketed.

A patient-friendly provider directory

CGH needed a provider directory that was engaging and easy for their community to use. Coffey's module was a great choice. Our Provider Directory puts the patient's needs first by allowing them to search for providers based on criteria like name, medical specialty, city and facility. The directory can also include compelling visuals, like photos or videos, along with each provider listing.

For CGH's directory, Coffey collaborated with another vendor to include star ratings and reviews. This information is engaging, creates a sense of transparency and can help healthcare marketers with their overall reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

By improving search capabilities and enabling user-generated content, the CGH provider directory gives patients the flexibility and transparency they need to find the right doctor for them.

What could your website be doing for your key service lines?

Coffey's team of healthcare content experts can work with your marketing staff and interview stakeholders, conduct SEO research, and create service line content that engages your community and helps you reach your healthcare marketing goals.

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