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Success stories Emanate Health

Rebranding a health system is a massive and complex process. Emanate Health (formerly Citrus Valley Health Partners) was looking for a partner with the expertise to deliver a new website that would serve as a cornerstone of their rebrand and that would be easy to update and scale as the health system continued to grow.

Here's how Coffey's team met the challenge.

Optimized site architecture

Because of their fast growth and multi-hospital model, Emanate Health's previous website had a lot of content. But many of the pages were either duplicates or buried. The site also wasn't set up to scale as Emanate Health grew.

For the new website, Coffey proposed restructuring the content to make it easier for people to find information. We recommended removing duplicate pages and outdated content, and creating a structure that was based on how consumers look for healthcare information.

We also designed the site architecture to be easily scalable as Emanate added new locations, services and providers.

Connecting services and locations

Like many health systems, Emanate Health has a large number of services and locations. It can be challenging to make it easy for people to understand which locations offer the services they're interested in.

Coffey created a solution that is both user-friendly and easily scalable as Emanate Health grows.

We developed a custom services landing page that highlights locations where each service is available.

Each service page also features a link to information about locations. And each location page lists the services available there.

Smart search

One of the Emanate Health team's goals for the new site was to offer a great search experience within the site itself.

Coffey met this goal by implementing our robust site search functionality, which uses keyword matching and search autosuggest to list possible providers, services or locations based on the query.

The search feature is displayed prominently on the home page and is easily available throughout the site.

Content creation and SEO

Emanate Health's web content hadn't been updated in some time. The site contained duplicate content, out-of-date information and pages that just weren't being viewed. The content also wasn't in line with the organization's new brand and voice standards.

Coffey's team conducted an in-depth audit to identify areas where content could be improved. For service lines, we created a template that would ensure a consistent approach to match Emanate's desire for lean and highly focused content.

We then conducted interviews with stakeholders, performed keyword research, and wrote and edited the content.

The result is content that is optimized for search and that reflects Emanate's unique voice and their approach to patient care. The content is set up to easily expand as needed over time.


Healthcare websites are held to higher standards for their web accessibility. As with all the sites Coffey creates, we ensured that Emanate's site met the standards for 508 compliance.

Along the way, our team discovered that the brand colors recommended for Emanate Health by another agency were not 508-compliant. Coffey designers explained the situation and presented a similar color palette that passes accessibility standards.

Enhanced provider directory

Emanate Health has more than 800 providers offering care at their locations. Coffey developed a custom provider directory with enhanced filtering that gives people the ability to narrow their search based on the provider's location, specialty, language, and medical group and whether they're accepting new patients.

Coffey also streamlined the process of requesting an appointment. A "Request an appointment" button on provider results now triggers a pop-up form where users can easily add the details necessary to schedule an appointment with their desired provider.

Special content sections

Emanate Health has an active foundation, human resources department and marketing team. On their old website, making site changes requested by these groups was a difficult process for the organization's small web team.

To address the unique needs of these departments, Coffey created a custom landing page design that would allow them to feature additional content. These landing pages can easily be managed using a custom landing page builder in our content management system (CMS), Site Assist. The builder allows Emanate Health employees with Site Assist access to choose from a selection of predefined content blocks and arrange them in any order they see fit. The steps are intuitive and do not require coding knowledge.

The foundation section also features a secure online donation form, created by Coffey, as well as our Calendar and News Release Center modules. These features allow the foundation team to easily create and promote content that will engage donors.

Third-party integrations

Like many healthcare organizations, Emanate Health makes use of a variety of third-party tools to allow people to view their medical records or make payments. Coffey's team seamlessly integrated a provider portal, a patient portal and online bill pay functionality with the website, allowing patients and healthcare providers to easily and securely access these important tools.

Coffey solves problems for health systems every day

Improving content visibility. Growing specific service lines. Merging multiple websites under a cohesive look and feel. These are just some of the ways we help health systems.

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