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Success stories Gold Coast Health Plan

As a California health plan, Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) has a series of complex member communication rules to follow for their direct-mail communications and their website.

Learn how Coffey Communications helps GCHP meet digital and direct-mail compliance guidelines and manage costs.

Cost-effective membership mailers

Coffey Communications prints and distributes GCHP's direct-mail communications, including newsletters, surveys and their member handbook.

Our print team routinely recommends cost-saving materials and finds ways to minimize production steps so that GCHP can stay under budget. Coffey also adheres to strict confidentiality policies that keep GCHP members' contact information private and secure.

Flexible production schedule

Medi-Cal information can change quickly, so GCHP needs a quick turnaround on direct-mail materials. The Coffey team expedites the print production process to get some jobs done in as little as three weeks, so that GCHP's members learn about important updates as soon as possible.  

It's also easy for GCHP to update plan information on their website thanks to their digital partnership with Coffey and our intuitive content management system (CMS).

Gold Coast Health Plan Well Child flyer

Compliant website design

Coffey designed and built GCHP's initial English and Spanish websites, but the functionality and content had become outdated. Our digital team conducted an audit that identified key areas of opportunity for the GCHP website.

Thanks to our health plan expertise, we also pointed out instances where state-mandated content could be presented differently.

The newly redesigned GCHP site is 508-compliant and follows WCAG 2.1 AA standards to ensure it's user-friendly for all citizens in Ventura County.

Member-focused web content

It's common for website content to become outdated over time or for the structure to become cluttered as new pages are added. This was the case with GCHP's member website.

Coffey's content team reviewed GCHP's website, identified information gaps and sent the GCHP team questionnaires to gather these details. We then wrote and edited 10 member services pages so that plan information was up-to-date and easy to grasp and act on.

Translation services

All of GCHP's content must be available in English and Spanish. Coffey coordinates with a third-party translation service to make this happen. We facilitate the sending and receiving of translated content and perform all necessary quality assurance steps before it's printed in their newsletter or added to the website.

Engage your health plan members

Coffey specializes in health plan communications. Engaging health plan members is our specialty, whether it's through your website or in print.

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