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Success stories Iredell Health System

Iredell Health System is a premier healthcare organization in North Carolina. Their old website didn't reflect that, though. It was becoming increasingly difficult to update their site as their organization acquired new locations and service lines. Coffey solved these challenges using our extensive website design and development services.

User-friendly site architecture

Coffey conducted an in-depth content audit to determine the areas of the Iredell site that required work. The audit revealed opportunities to streamline the user flow and trim the page count. By taking the site structure plan down to the nuts and bolts, we created a new site map with navigation to give visitors a clear path to the health and wellness information they're seeking.

A compliant and accessible website

As a growing health system, Iredell's new website needed to be user-friendly and accessible for all people—regardless of any disabilities. Beginning with the initial design prototypes and continuing on through the site build, Coffey's digital services team made certain that every aspect of the new Iredell website met rigorous compliance and web accessibility standards set forth by WCAG 2.1 AA.

And because compliance and accessibility is an ongoing concern, Coffey scans the Iredell website frequently to locate any new accessibility errors and correct them. The result is a health system website that's easy for people with vision impairments and screen readers to understand.

A smart search experience

Iredell Health System has more than 34 locations and 40 service lines. Coffey's team made sure that the site was organized so people could quickly find the service they needed at a location that was convenient to them.

The new site's Locations page features several filters that allow users to customize their search by city, service, distance, ZIP code or other criteria. This functionality ensures that people can find their desired location quickly.

To make searching for medical services accessible, we implemented keyword recognition abilities. By using in-depth synonym tagging for each service line, we ensured that people can find what they need quickly—whether or not they know the precise medical terminology used by clinicians.

An intuitive CMS

The Iredell Health System marketing team frequently updates their site to promote different events, services and facilities. Coffey's content management system (CMS), Site Assist, makes these updates easy. With Site Assist, marketers can quickly swap photos, content or videos on every page of their site without the help of a developer or designer.

We also implemented convenient Site Assist features, like our Provider Directory module, which makes adding or removing providers simple.

Ready-made microsites

Iredell Health System has multiple specialty practices in its health system—with possible plans to add more. Since some of the practices warranted their own online presence, we created microsite templates for physicians and service lines. These templates fit seamlessly into the overall Iredell brand while giving them the flexibility to highlight key service lines. And they can easily be adapted for new microsites in the future.

Health system websites are our specialty

Complex location and service relationships. Overlapping websites with duplicate content. These are just some of the problems we solve for health systems. We're ready to help you next.

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