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Success stories Kern Family Health Care

Kern Family Health Care (KFHC) needed a new website. Their old site didn't meet current accessibility guidelines and didn't provide a good experience on mobile devices. And because the marketing team didn't have the ability to make updates themselves, the site was filled with outdated and duplicated content.

For help, they turned to their longtime member newsletter partner, Coffey Communications.

Find out how Coffey's digital and print solutions help KFHC effectively communicate with their members.

Key challenges

  • Meeting standards for compliance and accessibility.
  • Engaging members across multiple channels.
  • Keeping website content updated.
  • Maintaining Spanish content on the website.
  • Creating content to meet HEDIS requirements.
  • Managing direct-mail costs.

Solution: A fully compliant and accessible website

The old KFHC website didn't meet the latest accessibility standards. Coffey recommended colors and fonts for the new website that fit today's accessibility guidelines and built a responsive design that works on every device. We also followed screen reader best practices for link naming and alt text.

As a result, the new site meets the rigorous standards set by Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA.

Now that the site is live, we scan it weekly to ensure continued compliance.

Solution: Member-friendly website content

One of KFHC's main goals in redoing their website was to make their member information easier to locate and understand.

Coffey audited the website to determine what key member content was missing, duplicated or difficult to find. We then recommended a streamlined site map that both new and current KFHC members could comprehend quickly. Now that the site is live, we use heatmapping on key areas to ensure that people are finding what they need on the site.

Coffey also wrote and edited 10 member pages. The final content now guides members through their KFHC services and directs them to the next step toward care. We also followed search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, helping ensure that the new content will perform well in search.

Solution: An intuitive content management system (CMS)

KFHC is obligated to communicate all plan updates to members. But without a CMS, the KFHC team had to go through their IT department to make even minor changes to their website. This caused communication delays and added burden to the IT department's busy workflow.

Coffey's CMS has an intuitive interface that's made for people with every level of technical expertise to use. Using it, the KFHC team can now add, edit and delete content without seeking help from other departments or vendors. This makes providing up-to-date plan information a simple task.

Solution: Dynamic translation services

To meet Medi-Cal requirements, all of the content on KFHC's website needs to be available in Spanish.

Maintaining Spanish content on a website can be extremely difficult. Coffey coordinates with a third-party translation service to make sure KFHC's Spanish content is always up-to-date. The translation company crawls the website every night and then translates and loads any needed updates. As a result, KFHC's team saves time by not having to manage translation or work directly with another vendor.

Solution: Direct-mail services and HEDIS content

KFHC has looked to Coffey to print, design and distribute their member newsletters since 1997.

As part of our print services for KFHC, we give them access to our expansive library of ready-made health articles that they use to meet HEDIS requirements.

Coffey's content covers every health topic that health plans and hospitals need to educate their communities.

And because we've worked on direct-mail materials for over 40 years, our team frequently helps KFHC find ways to reduce their content's length, thereby cutting down on their costs.

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