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Success stories Maui Health

Maui Health's website wasn't working for them. They had recently transitioned from state ownership to private ownership, and their site was a temporary solution. An outdated content management system (CMS), difficulty making updates, no provider directory and very little information about services were some of the challenges their marketing team faced.

Maui Health needed a partner with expertise in healthcare websites to guide them through the redesign process and share best practices that could help them achieve their marketing goals.

Keep reading to learn about the Coffey tools and expertise that made this partnership a success.

Key challenges

  • An outdated CMS that made website updates difficult.
  • Very little information about providers, events and services.
  • Poor search engine optimization (SEO), which contributed to people traveling off the island for healthcare services.
  • Lack of content to engage consumers and support website conversions.

Solution: User-friendly information architecture

Maui Health's team knew that their website needed a complete overhaul in order for it to be easy to use and accurately represent them to their community.

Coffey started the process by creating a user-friendly information architecture.

After conducting an on-site visit of the Maui Health facilities, auditing existing content and meeting with key stakeholders, we developed a site map that accurately represented their service lines and locations.

Health system websites are often complex, but Coffey focused on making the navigation as simple as possible. We recommended a structure that works well for health systems, but remained personalized to Maui Health's unique needs.

We also implemented our smart search tool, which uses a sophisticated keyword matching system to suggest related providers, events and services as someone types.

This tool and the new site map help ensure that visitors to the Maui Health site can find what they're seeking quickly.


Solution: A design that captures the essence of Maui

Every website Coffey makes reflects the unique client and community it serves. It was especially important to Maui Health that their new site have a unique and local look and feel.

The design our team created focused on local photography and other elements, like bright colors and a swooping curve pattern, that resonate with the island's culture and Maui Health's commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable care while still being friendly and accessible.

Maui Health's site also meets the rigorous compliance and web accessibility standards set forth by WCAG 2.1 AA. Coffey performs regular scanning to quickly identify any future accessibility concerns.


Solution: Service line marketing content

Maui Health's previous website had little more than a bulleted list of the services the system offered. As a result, the site didn't perform as well as it could have in search. In some cases, people left the island to have a service that Maui Health provided simply because they didn't know they could get great care close to home.

Coffey proposed creating unique pages for each service so that community members could easily understand what the health system offered, where to access the service and why they should choose Maui Health.

Our team conducted extensive keyword research to identify the phrases people used when searching for healthcare services and interviewed numerous subject matter experts at Maui Health. We then created content that told Maui Health's story and explained the unique value they offered the community.

To engage consumers and help with conversions, we integrated health assessments, quizzes and videos from our Digital Content Hub directly within service pages. This trustworthy information educates consumers about health concerns without them having to leave the service page.

As a result of our team's work, organic traffic to the Maui Health website increased by about 3,000 sessions in the first three months after launch. This is especially impressive considering how much new content the site has and that it usually takes some time for brand-new content like this to rank.

Solution: An intuitive content management system (CMS)

Maui Health's old website used a WordPress CMS. The marketing team had trouble getting updates made in a timely manner.

Coffey's CMS has layers of security protocols built into it and doesn't leave itself open to third-party plug-ins, which are often the source of security lapses.

And because our CMS is so easy to use, the Maui Health marketing team can now add location pages, edit service line content and change out provider bios without the help of IT or an outside vendor. That means the site won't become outdated over time.

Solution: User-friendly provider directory and bios

Maui Health offers privileges to doctors throughout the island, whether or not the health system employs them. Listing these providers is a challenge, and Maui Health's previous website didn't include a provider directory.

Coffey's team has tackled similar issues for other clients. We helped Maui Health create a comprehensive list of providers and imported that information into our Provider Directory. And we recommended the right language and disclaimers to clarify provider privileges.

Now, Maui Health's website is the go-to source for information about healthcare providers on the island. Patients can search for doctors based on a range of criteria, including their name, specialty, location and physician's group. People can even enable geolocation features to find the providers closest to them.

Solution: Custom blog module

Maui Health regularly runs a column called "Healthwise" in the local newspaper. Content for the column includes health questions from the community with answers from physicians and other experts.

Their marketing team asked Coffey to come up with ideas for how this content could be part of the new website.

Coffey's solution was a customized version of our blog module. Consumers can easily sort the articles by topic and each one cross-links with an author page.

This helps people learn more about the doctors who write the blogs and seek their services.

We also created a separate blog where the marketing team could share news and the Foundation team could showcase patient stories to support their fundraising efforts.

Coffey solves problems for health systems every day

Improving content visibility. Growing specific service lines. Merging multiple websites under a cohesive look and feel. These are just some of the ways we help health systems.

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