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Success stories Santa Clara Family Health Plan

Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP) is a not-for-profit public health plan serving Santa Clara County in California.

They offer two health insurance plans, each with unique benefits and other information—much of which they are legally required to have on the site. But their website was difficult to navigate, and it wasn't helping them engage existing plan members or attract new members. In addition, they were receiving a large number of calls to customer support that they felt the website should be able to answer.

Coffey's editorial and design teams solved these issues by creating a new website that was easy to navigate and contained engaging content that answered members' questions.

One vendor for print and digital

SCFHP already worked with Coffey on quarterly member communications newsletters. They knew our team understood their goals and the complex requirements faced by health plans. They also knew that having one vendor for their print and web communications would make their life easier—as well as help ensure consistent branding and messaging.

Website content audit

Coffey started the redesign project by taking a close look at SCFHP's current website. We examined performance data as well as the content and its structure.

One of our findings was that important information for each of SCFHP's health insurance programs was dispersed throughout the site. This made it difficult for people to quickly and easily find details that were specific to their plan. It also resulted in a number of pages being duplicated in different areas of the site.

Using our audit findings and SCFHP's goals, we created recommendations for updating content and a detailed site map that grouped content together in a way that made navigation easier.

Lowering call center volume

Next, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the SCFHP call center's customer issue log and identified questions and requests that could be addressed on the website instead of going through customer service.

We then created content that answered common call center questions. For example, a page on the new website lets members know who to contact for questions about dental or vision coverage. This information is prominently featured in the "For Members" section so it's easy to find.

Online forms

It's important for members to be able to use SCFHP's website to submit requests for information and download and view forms and documents.

Coffey rebuilt all of the existing forms on the website. We also created new custom forms to SCFHP's specifications.

All of the forms on the new website are secure. And form submissions can be easily routed to different departments, which makes it easier for SCFHP's team to efficiently manage these requests.

Updated content

Coffey's editorial team worked with SCFHP to make the content changes recommended in our audit. This included writing and editing, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) to help ensure that members who start their search at Google or another search engine can easily find the right content.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with SCFHP to ensure health plan compliance guidelines and regulations were being met each step of the way.


SCFHP's new website is easy to navigate and filled with information that answers the questions of current and prospective members.

Coffey's strategy streamlined the navigation, eliminated duplicate content and made the site more accessible.

SCFHP's marketing team can also easily make updates, so the new site will stay current.

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