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Success stories Unity Health

When the Unity Health system formed, it brought together 44 hospital and clinic locations across eight counties and rebranded them as one health system with one website. During this initial rebranding, Unity Health pulled content over from the various hospital and clinic websites, but they didn't have time to analyze it. The Unity Health team knew that they'd eventually need to do a complete overhaul of this content in order to improve performance and create a great user experience. They chose Coffey Communications as their partner in this project.

Designing a new health system website

Coffey started the website redesign by creating new website architecture that reflected Unity Health's services, providers and locations and presented this information in a consumer-friendly way. As part of this process, we conducted a detailed audit of Unity Health's website and created an inventory of issues such as duplicate content, outdated information, and hard-to-find services and location information.

We used the audit findings to create a new site map that streamlined the website and made information easy to find.

Coffey backed this new, user-friendly site structure with our content management system (CMS), which allows Unity Health to keep the website updated. Unity Health appreciates how easy to use the CMS is. In addition to adding providers and locations as their system grows, their team also uses the CMS to add new patient stories and videos throughout the website. This content is an important part of how Unity Health tells their story, and being able to easily feature and update it on service pages and in other areas of their website is extremely valuable to them.

Local search engine optimization (SEO)

Unity Health's old website was not performing well in organic search. Their marketing team wanted the new site to be a top performer in local healthcare searches.

Before the writing process began, Coffey's SEO team conducted in-depth keyword research to identify the top search phrases people in Unity Health's community were using to find healthcare services. Coffey identified keywords with high search potential and used those to inform the content on the website.

The results paid off in improved site traffic. Often, a major website overhaul that sees a significant change in content and URLs leads to a short term dip in search traffic. Not so with Unity Health's redesign. In the first quarter after launching the new Unity Health website, site entrances attributed to organic search increased. Further analysis showed that the new site ranked No. 1 in local organic search for several hundred different keywords, including valuable nonbranded search terms.

Engaging healthcare content

Unity Health wanted their new website to engage and educate their community about the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health. They chose to incorporate content from Coffey's Interactive Digital Health Content throughout service line pages. The videos, infographics and health assessments Coffey's team chose for the service line pages all provide additional information about the topic. Importantly, this health content is integrated with the service line page, so people who access it aren't taken away from Unity Health's content and next-step opportunities.

Health system websites are our specialty

Complex location and service relationships. Overlapping websites with duplicate content. These are just some of the problems we solve for health systems. We're ready to help you next.

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