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Success stories Whitman Hospital & Medical Center

Whitman Hospital & Medical Center (WHMC) is a critical access hospital serving a group of small towns whose community members are passionate about their local hospital. When these community members realized WHMC didn’t have a Facebook page, they started one themselves. Coffey's team worked with WHMC to create an official Facebook presence backed by a strong editorial strategy.

Editorial planning

A major part of a successful social media presence is planning. A detailed editorial plan ensures content is posted regularly and that the posts align with the organization's goals.

Coffey holds quarterly planning meetings with WHMC to understand their marketing priorities for the coming months. From there, our content team creates monthly social media calendars that address WHMC's quarterly goals. Everything from important community events to newly earned accreditations and service line promotions are included in the social media calendar.

Having Coffey do their planning saves WHMC time and also lets them tap into the Coffey team's expertise in creating content that is optimized for this channel.

Custom social media content

Coffey creates more than half of each month's Facebook posts for WHMC. By knowing their quarterly goals and marketing specifications, we're able to produce custom content that captures their brand voice and adheres to channel-specific best practices. Writing, proofing, selecting photos and scheduling are all included in this service. This greatly cuts down on the work WHMC would otherwise have to put into their Facebook page.

Automated social posts

To further round out the WHMC social media strategy, we recommended that they use a feature in our content management system (CMS) known as Social Push. This feature automatically posts breaking news stories and health tips from Coffey's Interactive Digital Health Content to the WHMC Facebook page. Adding this timely and useful health content to their feed helps keep their audience engaged and cuts back on the amount of custom content WHMC needs to produce.

Let's talk likes, RTs, hashtags and shares

Whether you're looking for health information that can fill out your social media calendar or a custom strategy, Coffey can help.

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